Suits Spin-off ‘Suits: LA’ Pilot Begins Filming in Los Angeles and Vancouver in March

Image Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/USA Network

The pilot of the ‘Suits’ spin-off series, tentatively titled ‘Suits: LA,’ is set to commence filming in Los Angeles, California, and Vancouver, British Columbia, in March. The show revolves around Black Lane Law, one of the largest independent law firms in the country, headed by two influential owners and their staff. The additional plot details of the upcoming series are currently under wraps. The legal procedural, set in the ‘Suits’ universe, will introduce new characters in a new location, with Los Angeles being considered as the backdrop for the workplace drama.

Written by Aaron Korsh, the creator of the original series, the upcoming show is set “in the same timeframe” as its predecessor, as revealed by Beatrice Springborn, President of Universal International Studios and UCP. She assured that the new series will “have the same energy and good-looking people that the original did,” as per Variety. Springborn emphasized the enduring appeal of series like ‘Suits’ to streaming platforms, noting its unignorable success on Netflix.

“It is amazing-looking people in great clothes but at the core of it, you can’t have a show that’s successful with just that. It has to have great storytelling and great character work. So how do you do something that can be ongoing, have a gloss to it, and be a continuing series that everyone wants?” Springborn added. “It’s so fun and happy,” she further stated.

Originally aired on USA Network from 2011 to 2019, ‘Suits’ enjoyed a successful nine-season run. The series was followed by the spin-off ‘Pearson,’ which revolves around Gina Torres’ “powerhouse lawyer” Jessica Pearson. The original show is set in New York City, whereas ‘Pearson’ takes place in Chicago.

The upcoming spin-off is set to follow the tradition of its predecessor, which was mainly shot in Toronto, Ontario, for its cost-effectiveness and architectural resemblance to the Big Apple, by filming in Canada, in addition to Los Angeles. Vancouver previously hosted the filming of productions like ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians‘ and ‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters,’ while Los Angeles is a significant location of ‘The Brothers Sun‘ and ‘Rebel Moon: Part One – A Child of Fire.’

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