Summer Marie Thomas From Summer House: All We Know About Her

Image Credit: Summer Marie Thomas/Instagram

Basking in the delectable glory of natural benevolence, ‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard’ features 12 young professionals on holiday on the eponymous island. A spin-off of the Bravo TV reality show, ‘Summer House,’ features 12 friends on vacation under one roof. As the cast spends their days attending decadent dinners and partying in the pools, mayhem is always close by. Summer Marie Thomas is among the 12 young professionals who have created a frenzy among viewers. As one of the key figures in the cast with a penchant for kicking things up a notch, Summer Marie Thomas has made fans and viewers extremely curious. So, if you also want to learn more about the star, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Summer Marie Thomas’ Jamaican-Canadian Ethnicity

Summer Marie Thomas was born in 1995 in London, Ontario, but her roots can be traced to Jamaica, with her parents hailing from the country. However, she didn’t stay long in London. In 2005, at age 10, Summer moved to Pasadena, California. The entertainment star has since lived and worked in California. Summer and her family are relatively private and don’t share many details in the public domain. At 27, Summer is a qualified nurse after graduating from the Bay Area Nursing School in California. After majoring in nursing, Thomas longed for something more and explored her options.

Summer Marie Thomas’ Profession

After getting her degree in health services from the California State University in East Bay, Summer explored more career options. With an early interest in film and television, she didn’t take long before venturing into the entertainment industry. In 2018, after graduating, Summer gained some experience at Speiser Sturges Acting School and began her journey behind the camera. In 2019, her love for screenwriting brought her to Sundance, where she met fellow castmate Jasmine Ellis Cooper. The two women formed a strong connection that continued years later.

Summer started by starring in short films like ‘Mothers,’ ‘Nightcap: Mariana,’ ‘The Breakdown,’ ‘The Space in Between’ and ‘Coming of Age: Love.’ She has also starred in an episode of the television show, ‘Not How It Goes.’ However, the actress has since found a penchant for screenwriting and has written for ‘The Goodnight Show with Levi Jones.’ Moreover, her interest in film and cinema has expanded to roles in different departments of filmmaking.

Summer has worked as a freelancer in project management, on-camera work, and stand-ins. In addition, she has done several voice-over projects and has worked as a production coordinator for a boutique in Los Angeles. As such, Summer’s multi-faceted career trajectory is just one aspect that has intrigued fans.

Summer Marie Thomas Prefers to Keep Her Dating Life Private

In addition to her multi-faceted career goals and artistic excellence, Summer Marie Thomas takes time for herself through traveling and relaxing. With her striking personality on ‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard,’ she has made many curious about her. As mentioned above, Summer prefers privacy regarding her personal life and doesn’t share much about her relationships. However, the absence of a significant other on her social media makes us believe that the reality TV star is single as of writing. Nevertheless, we continue to look forward to Summer’s personal and professional growth and wish her the best for future years.

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