Amir Lancaster From Summer House: All We Know About Him

Image Credit: Amir Lancaster/Instagram

Bravo’s ‘Summer House‘ is a reality show known for featuring a group of friends who enjoy spending their vacation in each other’s company. Since it first premiered in 2017, it has introduced the public to a variety of people who have gone on to gain many admirers thanks to their on-screen performances. With the introduction of Amir Lancaster, things were no different as viewers quickly found themselves gravitating towards this highly successful businessman. Naturally, many are eager to know what they can about the reality TV star, and we are here to talk about the same!

Amir’s Mixed African American and Lebanese Heritage

Born in July 1996, Amir is African American and Lebanese by ethnicity and grew up surrounded by the latter culture. Having grown up in Arlington, Texas, he became a student at Texas State University in 2015. After much diligence, he earned his Bachelor of Education in Health and Physical Education/Fitness in 2018.

Given his upbringing, Amir seems to have much knowledge about the Lebanese way of life but is always open to learning more about the other side of his family and the African-American culture. As of writing, the 26-year-old  lives in Austin, Texas, and enjoys activities like sports, cooking, and acting. Amir volunteers for the Boys and Girls Club to help children and is always open to mentoring young minds.

Amir Lancaster’s Profession

After graduating, Amir joined Collabera Inc in May 2019 as an Assistant Account Manager, a job he held until February 2020. In August 2019, he also became an Account Executive for Regents Capital Corporation but left this job in February 2020. In the latter month, Amir became an Incoming Sales Engineer for Keyence Corporation and took up the company’s Sales Engineer role in June 2020. However, in October 2021, he said goodbye to Keyence as well.

In February 2020, Amir became a Real Estate Agent for Spyglass Realty, a position he continues to hold as of writing. His love for Austin has undoubtedly motivated the reality TV star to continue working in the real estate field. The firm belief that the Texan capital is rife with opportunity helps Amir keep the sales number up. Additionally, his appearance in the Bravo series has not only boosted his own fame but that of his company as well. Though Amir’s participation in the show might be purely personal, it has also helped his career.

Amir Lancaster is Likely Not Dating Anyone

As of writing, Amir does not seem to be in a relationship. Focused on his professional life, the reality TV star is not much open about his personal matters and does not seem to be involved with anyone romantically. Nevertheless, following his active participation in ‘Summer House,’ fans worldwide hope he might soon fall in love, given the show’s history. Whether or not the romance will be with another cast member is a question that people cannot wait to answer.

More than anything, Amir is dedicated to his work and is always open about posting various listings on his social media. Besides, he likes to spend time with his loved ones and is never shy about expressing appreciation for his life and everyone who brings him joy. Though primarily based in Austin, the reality TV star is also active in the real estate markets of the Texan cities of Houston and Dallas.

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