Jason Lyke From Summer House: Here’s All We Know About Him

Image Credit: Jason Lyke/Instagram

Reality TV shows like Bravo’s ‘Summer House‘ are well-known for introducing viewers to numerous people who easily charm their way into our hearts. Premiering in 2017, the series combines drama, suspense, and vacation fun in a way that truly leaves us wanting more after every episode. With the addition of Jason Lyke, the show has only gotten more interesting, and people are pretty eager to know what they can about their favorite cast member from the show. Well, here is everything that we know about him!

Jason Lyke Was Born and Brought up in Chicago

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Jason grew up in his birth city and is quite close to his family. Hence, he is always eager to share his appreciation for them via social media. The reality TV star certainly has a close bond with his parents and never fails to acknowledge them when discussing everything he has achieved. He also believes that his creative skills are a gift from his mother, who was earlier an artist. Additionally, Jason takes pride in his role as a doting uncle and is passionate about fitness. He has a positive outlook and always spreads his optimism to those around him. As of writing, Jason is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jason Lyke’s Profession

While Jason is a Senior Flight Attendant for one of the most prominent airlines, he has also been freelancing as an actor, singer, and content writer since 2012. He seems to have a business mind and has experience working with skin and hair care products. As an actor, Jason has participated in various entertainment projects like ‘Bigger’ and ‘American Soul.’ Besides, he has appeared in multiple short films and music videos.

Jason is always eager to explore possible opportunities that will boost his career. Interestingly, his participation in the Bravo series has done wonders for his fame though that is certainly not the only reason the artist is part of the show. While Jason often acts like a meditator, that does not mean that he remains unscathed from the drama the show is well-known for. Nevertheless, we eagerly look forward to any project the Chicago native might participate in.

Jason Lyke Dating Life

As of writing, Jason does not seem to be dating anyone. Nevertheless, the reality TV star was fortunate to become a father recently. He introduced the world to his daughter via Instagram in July 2022 and has seemingly taken to the role like a duck to water. Jason’s happy and proud posts about his baby girl often gain heartwarming comments from his admirers, who cannot help but be in awe of his delight in his role as a parent. Yet, as of writing, he has not revealed the name of his baby’s mother.

When not being a proud father, Jason can be seen eagerly working as an artist and furthering his profession. While his role as a fight attendant has helped him interact with many well-known celebrities in the past, he has gotten to know even more famous people through his work as a freelance entertainment personality. That said, we wish Jason the best for his future and hope his love life is always joyful.

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