Preston Mitchum From Summer House: All We Know About Him

Image Credit: Preston Mitchum/Instagram

Bravo’s ‘Summer House‘ is a reality show known for its entertaining blend of drama, love, betrayal, and fun. The series has allowed the world to get to know its various cast members as they try to enjoy their vacation with their friends and family. Since he entered the show, Preston Mitchum has also gained much fame and recognition. His overall presence is beloved by his many admirers, who are always eager to know what they can about him. If you are in the same boat, worry not because we have your back!

Preston’s Family: Sisters LeShauna and Ebony

Born in March 1986 in Youngstown, Ohio, Preston grew up in the loving care of his mother, Carla Postell, AKA Carla Noni Owens. Now 37, he has two sisters named LeShauna and Ebony, who are both older than him and have always served as a source of inspiration for Preston. While he was in middle school, the reality TV star’s family was struck by tragedy when they lost his younger brother Paris. Preston still has a tattoo of his name on his right arm in honor of his lost sibling. He also has a dog named Audre (Lorde) Mitchum, whom he brought home on July 23, 2022, when the puppy was just over two months old.

Preston completed his high school education at Trotwood-Madison High School in 2004. After that, he became a student at Kent State University in the same year. Thanks to his determination, he graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, specializing in Public Policy. In 2008, Preston became a proud student of North Carolina Central University’s School of Law to complete his Juris Doctorate, specializing in Constitutional Law and Civil Rights. In 2011, Preston completed his doctorate and joined American University Washington College of Law, from where he graduated in 2011 with a Master of Law degree in Law and Government.

Preston Mitchum’s Profession

In May 2012, Preston became a Behavioral Health Initiative Fellow at National Coalition for LGBT Health and retained the position until September 2012. He joined the Center for American Progress in April 2013 as a Policy Analyst for LGBT Policy and Racial Justice but said goodbye to the organization in March 2014. Additionally, he became a part of Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies as an Adjunct Faculty Member and held the role until August 2015.

It was in June 2014 that Preston became a part of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia as a Judicial Law Clerk and helped many distinguished judges. However, in August 2015, he left the job and became a Senior Policy Analyst for the Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE). Two years later, Preston once against switched jobs and became a Senior Legal and International Policy Analyst for Advocates for Youth in August 2017, a position he had until September 2019.

Starting in August 2019, Preston was the Director Of Public Policy for Unite for Reproductive Gender Equity (URGE) and helped the organization achieve many of its goals until July 2021. After this, he became involved with The Trevor Project Director of Advocacy and Government Affairs and held the position until March 2023. The latter month also marked the end of his role as an Adjunct Professor of Law for Georgetown University Law Center, a job he had started in August 2017.

March 2023 marked the beginning of PDM Consulting, a company founded by Preston that serves as a multipurpose consulting firm. The reality TV star is certainly no stranger to being honored due to his various accomplishments. He was the first ever Chair of the Washington Bar Association Young Lawyers Division, who was openly a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Additionally, Preston won the title of DCs Most Committed Activist, given by Washington Blade, in 2021 and was the runner-up in 2022. His other achievements include being a Rockwood Fellow for Leaders in Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice in 2021 and bagging a spot in the 2020 list of Best LGBTQ Lawyers Under 40 by the National LGBTQ+ Bar Association.‍

Preston and Boyfriend’s Strong Bond

As of writing, Preston is in a very loving relationship with his partner, Donald. The two have been steady together since November 2020 and are looking forward to everything that life is in store for them. They certainly have many common points, given that Donald is also a lawyer. Preston takes pride in his identity as a gay man and came out publically via Facebook over seven years ago. However, he also encourages people to respect the privacy of those who are not open about their sexuality, as he believes fostering a supportive environment is the best path forward for everyone.

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