Summer Rae: Where is Retired WWE Star Now?

Image Credit: WWE

While Summer Rae is better known for her influence and guidance in the formative years of several wrestlers on the main roster of the WWE, she also showcased her in-ring skills as a submission expert throughout the course of her wrestling career. The blonde and formidable personality was seen getting involved with a number of up-and-coming villains in the industry, which led to some entertaining storylines. Thus, while wondering why she left WWE and what’s her life like these days, Summer’s fans miss what she brought to the table even years after her departure from the industry. Well, let’s delve into the details for some answers!

Why Did Summer Rae Leave WWE?

Born in New York City and brought up in Raleigh, North Carolina, Danielle Louise Moinet AKA Summer Rae began her semi-professional football career in 2008 as she played as a quarterback and captain for the Chicago Bliss of the Lingerie Football League (LFL) until 2011. In the same year she played her last game in the LFL, she signed a contract with WWE in November but was first sent to their developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). Only a month or so later, in December 2011, she appeared on an episode of FCW TV in an in-ring promo with Abraham Washington, marking her debut television appearance.

Spending quite some time in FCW, Summer then became a ring announcer for the rebooted NXT in 2012 but got into a feud with Paige because she was jealous of how popular and successful she had become already. Once that was out of the way, she got involved in a rivalry with Emma while forming an alliance with Sasha Banks called Beautiful Fierce Females. When it comes to her debut on WWE’s main roster, it took place in April 2013 as she appeared as Fandango’s dance partner and valet. During that time, she got involved in several feuds and wrestling matches against Natalya, Kaitlyn, Emma, and Layla.

After turning on Fandango, Summer teamed up with Layla and started an alliance called The Slayers, which didn’t last for long due to Layla’s surgery. Moreover, she plotted with The Miz and helped him win his match against Damien Sandow by faking an alliance with the latter. She then forged an on-screen relationship with Rusev before introducing Tyler Breeze as her new man to the WWE Universe. In her company, the former rebounded from a debilitating injury while Tyler quickly made a name for himself. Soon after all her alliances were over, she made a return to the ring in mid-February 2016 and competed in a series of matches, most of which she lost. Summer was drafted to Raw at the 2016 WWE Draft but did not appear in the industry due to a number of injuries.

There were a few more reasons behind Summer’s retirement from WWE, including her feeling unsatisfied from a creative standpoint. Moreover, during a conversation with Renée Paquette on an episode of The Sessions in January 2022, Summer also talked about the fact that she wanted to do something more than wrestling, like modeling and acting, which also played a crucial role in her decision to retire from the industry. However, five years after retiring, Summer made an appearance on a January 2022 episode of SmackDown, where she taunted Natalya during her match and advertised as a WWE legend. As far as her in-ring return is concerned, Summer competed in the 2022 Royal Rumble at number 23, going straight for Natalya, but unfortunately, she got herself eliminated instead.

Where is Summer Rae Now?

Just seven months after leaving WWE, Summer Rae made her independent circuit debut in May 2018 at the Whitehorse Club Function & Convention Centre in Burwood East, Victoria, Australia. Competing in a Battle Championship Wrestling event against NXT alumni Ivelisse (formerly known as Sofia Cortez), she ended up losing the match. Soon enough, she even started modeling under her real name, Danielle Louise Moinet, which she still does, and it gives her several opportunities to travel around the world.

In April 2021, Summer announced that she joined a cryptocurrency company called Cornerstone Global Management LLC as their new Director of Marketing and Social Engagement. Consequently, due to this association, she has become the woman who took the cryptocurrency world by storm. Since she loves exploring new foreign terrains and experiencing different cultures, Summer travels from one country to another, be it for her modeling projects or for her own self. Recently, in September 2023, she was roaming around the culturally rich neighborhoods and streets of Milan, Italy.

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