Super Crooks Season 1 Ending, Explained

‘Super Crooks’ is a superhero heist anime series developed from writer Mark Millar and artist Leinil Francis Yu’s graphic novel series ‘Supercrooks.’ It takes place in the same universe as another Netflix series, ‘Jupiter’s Legacy.’ The anime revolves around small-time criminal Johnny Bolt, who has an incredible superpower but often gets caught while trying to execute a job and ends up in prison. He and his girlfriend Kasey get the chance of their lifetimes when the Heat, a legendary supervillain and Casey’s mentor, reaches out to them with a proposition they can’t refuse. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Super Crooks’ season 1. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Super Crooks Season 1 Recap

The world of ‘Super Crooks’ is filled with people with superpowers. Those who decide to uphold the law and defend the innocent become superheroes. And those with more nefarious goals become supervillains. Of course, society doesn’t always adhere to such black and white distinctions, and there are plenty of horrible heroes and virtuous villains roaming around. As a child, Johnny dreamt of becoming a superhero, especially after discovering his superpower — generating and manipulating electricity. But fate had other plans for him. After causing a massive disaster in his small hometown that left several people critically injured, Johnny found his purpose in life and became a criminal.

In the present time, Johnny gets out of prison and reunites with Kasey. However, their plan to celebrate Johnny’s newfound independence together is interrupted when Johnny’s old friends show up and coax him to do a burglary job with them. Even though he promises Kasey that he will not get involved in this kind of petty thievery right after getting out of jail, he goes ahead and does the opposite. Predictably, troubles find Johnny and his friends in the shape of superhero Praetorian. One of the young members of the Union of Justice, Praetorian has over 200 superpowers, which he can access randomly. Even Praetorian doesn’t know which power will manifest next.

Fortunately for Johnny and his friends, Kasey, who has psychic abilities, arrives just in time and mentally manipulates the superhero, and he lets her boyfriend and the others go. She and Johnny later have a lengthy conversation during which she makes him understand that they can’t go around committing petty crimes. To be a supervillain, and a successful one at that, they must wait until a score comes along that can set them for life.

And that’s precisely what Carmine or the Heat offers them. A team is subsequently assembled to steal the helmet of a supervillain known as Count Orlok, who is an old friend of Carmine, from the headquarters of the Union of Justice itself. It includes Johnny; Carmine; Kasey; Josh or the Ghost, who has the ability to pass through solid matters; Sammy and Roddy Diesel, who are semi-indestructible; TK MaCabe, who has telekinesis abilities; and Forecast, who can control the weather.

They successfully execute the first part of the plan, which is to free McCabe before he is taken to a supermax prison. They divert the attention of the likes of the Utopian and his family by making it seem like a long-dead necromancer enemy of the Utopian has been resurrected far from the Union of Justice headquarters and is wreaking havoc with his zombie army. The plan works, and Johnny, Kasey, and others in New York gain access to their impressive target.

However, much to their surprise and horror, they discover that Praetorian has stayed behind. Even though Josh manages to teleport all of them out using Orlok’s helmet, Praetorian and his secret boss, Christopher Matts, catch up to them. Matts kills Orlok, who sponsored the entire operation and promised Johnny and the others $50 million in return for bringing back his helmet. Although Matts and Praetorian spare them, Johnny, Kasey, and the rest realize that they are back to where they started.

The last four episodes are set five years later. After Carmine gets into trouble with a casino owned by Salamander, Matts’ former protégé, the team gets back for one more chance for glory and fortune, this time under Johnny’s leadership. Their target is a casino run by Matts and a disgraced Praetorian. In the season finale, Kasey shows what she is truly capable of. Praetorian gets his comeuppance. And Johnny finds a way to divert Matts’ fury.

Super Crooks Season 1 Ending: Is the Japan Heist a Success?

Yes, the heist is a success. After the horrible failure of the first heist, most of the team members decide to venture toward normal lives, except Johnny and Carmine. The former gets sent to prison, while the latter continues to commit minor crimes until his luck runs out when he tries to cheat in a casino with the help of a man with the power of foresight. Salamander, who owns the casino, threatens Carmine that he will kill him if he doesn’t pay $100 million within a month for his indiscretion.

Desperate, Carmine reaches out to Johnny and Kasey, who have broken up over Johnny lying to her once more and ending in jail. However, they eventually agree to help. Johnny takes the reins this time and targets none other than Matts, who has retired from villainous activities and set up a casino on an island in Japan. Praetorian has left his responsibilities as a superhero behind and become Matts’ head of security.

Johnny blackmails a hero named Gladiator by threatening to reveal to the world that the latter is gay and thus forcing him to join the team. Matts, also known as the Bastard, used to be the worst villain in the world. Because of his ability to control blood and indiscriminate killings, he garnered a terrible reputation. Matts also set up the Network, a criminal organization that is supposed to serve the same role for the villains as the Union of Justice does for the heroes. But predictably, it was corrupt to the core and only cared about its influence in society.

After the Union of Justice headquarters heist, Matts came after Carmine, Johnny, and the others primarily because they were not part of the Union. When he retired, Matts left the Network under Salamander’s control.

Yes, the Japan heist is a success. Johnny and the rest steal about $800 million from Matts. In a case of intended irony, Gladiator takes down Praetorian. Although Praetorian doesn’t die, the encounter leaves him possibly brain-damaged. Meanwhile, Kasey dupes Matts with her psychic abilities.

During the heist, the team members’ costumes are exact replicas of what Salamander and his crew wear, diverting Matts’ wrath towards his erstwhile student. Matts proceeds to kill Salamander and every single member of the latter’s crew.

Do Johnny and Kasey End Up Together?

Yes, Johnny and Kasey end up together. After the Union of Justice headquarters heist doesn’t turn to be what they have hoped, Johnny and Kasey decide to marry and live a normal life. However, the night before the wedding, Johnny’s friends from earlier show up, and he ends up in prison again. When he returns, Kasey doesn’t want to do anything with him. However, they reconcile in the course of the heist and get engaged toward the end of the season.

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