Supersex: Is Tommaso Based on Rocco Siffredi’s Real Brother?

Image Credit: Lucia Iuorio/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Supersex’ brings to the screen the true story of Rocco Siffredi, who became one of the most successful actors in the porn industry. Hailing from a small town in Italy, Rocco’s journey takes him to the streets of Paris, where he lays the foundation for his career, and then to the glamor of Los Angeles, which establishes him as an international success. While there are a lot of ups and downs in Siffredi’s life, there are people he can always count on. Most important of them is his elder half-brother, Tommaso, who not only serves as an inspiration to a young Rocco but also supports him in the time when he has no one else. What happened to Tommaso in real life? SPOILERS AHEAD

Tommaso’s Arc in Supersex is Fictionalised

Image Credit: Lucia Iuorio/Netflix

One of the most important people in Rocco’s life in ‘Supersex’ is his brother, Tommaso. There is quite an age gap between the two, but that only makes Tommaso more protective of his younger brother, who adores him. The relationship between the two is very close, even though it becomes fraught in adulthood. Still, at the end of the day, they know they can count on each other.

While the real Rocco Siffredi did have an older brother who supported him while he was still a struggling actor, Tommaso’s arc in ‘Supersex’ is fictional. The show deviates quite a bit from Siffredi’s story, and several imaginary characters and plot points have been added to the story to bring more depth to it. Lucia’s arc, especially, is completely made-up. She is a combination of the several women who influenced Rocco’s journey.

Though the world knows a lot about Rocco Siffredi, little to nothing is known about his family, especially his brothers. He has mentioned them, but he refrains from talking about them to respect their privacy. This lack of information gave the creators of ‘Supersex’ the room to use creative license and add the things that didn’t necessarily happen to Rocco. They needed Lucia to be a close relation to Rocco, and they were able to do it through Tommaso’s character. To include her in the story, they had to expand and alter Tommaso’s storyline as well.

Image Credit: Lucia Iuorio/Netflix

What’s true in the Netflix series is the part where Rocco moves to Paris to start his career in the porn industry. The actor revealed that he was thirteen when he first talked to his elder brother about his intention to work in adult films. His brother didn’t take him seriously and believed that his brother, who had only recently entered puberty, was fantasizing about sex and thought he could be a porn star. However, Rocco became fixated on the idea, and when he was sixteen, he mentioned his desire to work in porn to his elder brother again, who was surprised to find out that Rocco was still hanging on to the idea.

When Rocco turned twenty, and it was clear to his brother that he was not going to let go of the idea, he decided to help him. By then, his brother had been living in Paris and was familiar with the places where someone interested in sex and porn could find their start. He asked Rocco to join him in Paris and directed him towards a sex club, which is where Rocco met his inspiration, Gabriel Pontello, the most famous porn star of his time.

It’s true that Rocco’s elder brother played a part in bringing him to where he is now. Instead of judging his brother, he supported his dream and guided him in the beginning. Tommaso does the same in ‘Supersex.’ However, the storyline that connects to Lucia is all made up, and Rocco’s elder brother in the Netflix series is a heavily fictionalized version of his elder brother in real life.

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