Survival of the Thickest: Why Does Mavis Break Up with Jacque?

Starring Michelle Buteau in the lead role, Netflix’s ‘Survival of the Thickest’ follows Mavis and her journey to find success in her career and love life. At 38 years of age, she finds herself reinventing her personal and professional life and goes through many ups and downs. It takes a toll on her, emotionally and physically, but she perseveres with the help of her loved ones and makes the decisions that are best for her.

Mavis’s life had been perfect, and she wouldn’t have had to go through this struggle if it wasn’t for her boyfriend, Jacque. His one mistake unravels their five-year-old relationship right on the brink of when they were planning to marry. Still, Mavis has feelings for him that don’t go away overnight. What happens to them in the end? Do Mavis and Jacque stay together or go their separate ways? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Infidelity and Distrust: The End of Mavis and Jacque

Image Credit: Vanessa Clifton/Netflix

Mavis and Jacque were on the path of building a life together. He had expressed his desire to marry her and have a family, which is why it is a shock to Mavis when she finds him in bed with another woman. While Jacque apologizes and asks for another chance, Mavis draws a line at infidelity and breaks up with him. She is so angry at him that she drops the opportunity of a lifetime because it means she’d have to work with him.

Later, Mavis realizes she cannot hold on to a grudge her entire life. She must move on, or this hatred will always hold her back. So, she keeps her anger aside, meets with Jacque, and, this time, part ways with him in a more amicable way. It takes more time for her to be okay with running into him on the street and acknowledge him. However, as she finds more footing in her career, she accepts his presence in her life.

Things take a turn when Mavis has a health scare, and Jacque comes running to help her. He still has her on his insurance plan, which covers her medical bills. But that’s not the end of it. Jacque expressed the desire to get back together in all their previous encounters. When she is in the hospital, his resolve to be with her strengthens, and he asks her parents for her hand in marriage. They give him the blessing because they’d always seen Jacque as a good match for their daughter.

Image Credit: Vanessa Clifton/Netflix

Meanwhile, Mavis realizes that her mother is right and she doesn’t have enough time left to have children. She contemplates the possibility of having children. However, the prospect of doing so alone is a scary one. She talks about it with Luca, who is taken by surprise when she mentions having children. Around the same time, her mother encourages her to get back together with Jacque and have a family.

When Jacque proposes to her, Mavis agrees to marry him. She acknowledges that both of them have grown since they broke up. They want the same things in life and have known and loved each other long enough to start a family together. However, Mavis cannot shake off the fact that their relationship broke, and it’s not the same as before. Despite trying to be normal about it and telling herself that people can still have good relationships after such hiccups, Mavis cannot act as if everything is alright.

Thinking about how far she has come since she broke up with Jacque and ventured out into the world on her own, she realizes that she cannot keep up with this act. She tells Jacque how she feels and returns his ring, breaking up with him once again. He is angry about it, but nothing can change her mind now. Whatever residual feelings she might have had for him are gone now, and finally, she is ready to tie up that chapter of her life and move on.

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