Where and How to Watch Surviving Joe Exotic?

Tiger King Season 2

The Tiger King is back, after having made a splash with Netflix’s breakout docuseries. Yes, Joe Exotic is in the spotlight once again (did he ever leave?) in ‘Surviving Joe Exotic,’ a new documentary. While we have seen the larger than life zoo owner’s eccentricities, rivalries, and gradual descent into crime, the new documentary will shine a light on how the people around him perceived Exotic to be.

We will learn how he treated the animals and the workers. Coming back is Saff Saffery, the former manager who lost an arm to a tiger attack. Saff’s been upbeat about the incident and will offer more information about Exotic. We will also see Gaylynn Eastwood, a zoo employee. From what we understand, this individual will give us a look into how Exotic treated the various cats he had.

It seems that Joe might be shown in an unflattering light. The Netflix series and subsequent interviews have brought his behavior towards animals into the public eye again. The common consensus is that Exotic was focused on money as the bottom line rather than the care of animals. However, ‘Surviving Joe Exotic’ promises to be more uplifting than the Netflix series, insofar as we will learn about the animals who made it through Joe’s zoo, and went on to live elsewhere.

Finally, the main attraction is an interview by Joe Exotic himself. Well, it is not a recent interview, since Joe is in prison. However, it was filmed four months before he was arrested. Overall, ‘Surviving Joe Exotic’ promises to provide us with more details about the man who has captivated our attention ever since we saw him in the Netflix show. So, where and how can you watch ‘Surviving Joe Exotic’?

When and Where to Watch Surviving Joe Exotic?

‘Surviving Joe Exotic’ is an Animal Planet documentary. Therefore, you can watch it if you have a cable subscription. However, if you don’t have one, you can head to the Animal Planet site and stream it there. Nowadays, cord-cutters are on the rise, and they have done away with cable subscriptions. As an increasing part of the viewer base, you might well be wondering if the documentary can be streamed online.

While it is not on any platform directly, several sites have deals with Animal Planet in place. For example, you can head to Hulu, where Animal Planet is part of the live tv option. You can also check out Animal Planet on Philo TV, Fubo TV, and YouTube TV.

Now that you know where to watch ‘Surviving Joe Exotic,’ the only question is when. Well, ‘Surviving Joe Exotic’ releases on June 25, 2020, at 10:01 PM ET. So, remember to tune in and learn more about the fascinating Joe Exotic.

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