Survivor 35: Where Are The Contestants Now?

‘Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers’ marked the 35th season of the iconic reality television series, ‘Survivor.’ Premiering on September 27, 2017, the show continued to captivate audiences with its innovative theme, interesting challenges, and strategic gameplay. Throughout the season, the castaways faced a variety of challenges designed to test their physical prowess, mental acuity, and social adaptability. Were these contestants able to face the real-life challenges outside the show’s stage? Let us find out the answer.

Ben Driebergen is Working in Real Estate Today

Ben Driebergen, the triumphant winner of ‘Survivor 35,’ has continued to make his mark in reality television. After returning for ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ and competing in ‘The Challenge: USA’ and ‘The Challenge: World Championship,’ Ben has found stability in Boise, Idaho. As a real estate agent, he balances his professional life with the joys of family. Ben often uses the hashtag #bendoingthings and shares his adventures and activities on social media, showcasing his love for circle track, car racing, gunsmithing, and camping with family. Moreover, he maintains a rigorous physical training routine. His wife Kelly and their two children, Wyatt and Gracie, remain central to his life. Apart from being an active real estate agent, he also owns a merchandising business called Ben Bomb.

Chrissy Hofbeck is an Author Now

Chrissy Hofbeck has transitioned into a multifaceted and impactful life post-show. In a captivating TED Talk, she shared her ‘Survivor’ experience, highlighting its transformative effect on her outlook. Chrissy underwent a Double Mastectomy while bravely navigating challenges with resilience. She has served professionally as Vice President of actuarial development at Fortitude Re since October 2022. Chrissy is also a distinguished Professional Speaker at Whiteship LLC.

Beyond her corporate roles, Chrissy is an accomplished author, having penned the insightful book, ‘Winning Conditions,’ which transcends language barriers with its Spanish translation. With a background that includes work with The Standard and The Terry Group, Chrissy is an active member of the Society of Actuaries (FSA). In her personal life, Chrissy finds joy with her husband, Keith, and their three children: Andrew, Mike, and Elise.

Ryan Ulrich is an Attorney Today

Ryan Ulrich, the strategic runner-up, has ventured into the legal realm with impressive achievements. He earned his Juris Doctor (JD) from the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law in 2020, showcasing his dedication to academic excellence. During law school, Ryan’s professional journey included roles as a research assistant to a professor and a judicial extern at the Chicago Board of Education. His pre-law school experiences were equally illustrious, serving as an intern in the United States Senate and the House of Representatives, as well as working at the British Consulate in New York. A proud member of the New York State Bar Association, Ryan currently holds an associate position at Donohoe Talbert LLC.

Devon Pinto is a Father of Two Kids Now

Devon Pinto, the charismatic semi-finalist of season 35, has embraced both family life and professional endeavors with zest. Married to Courtney since November 9, 2018, their family expanded with the arrival of a daughter, Noa, in May 2019 and a son, Sage, in 2023. Residing in Rohnert Park, California, Devon has found his niche as a Surf Coach, immersing himself in the coastal lifestyle. Professionally, Devon has been a Mortgage Loan Officer at C2 Financial Corporation since 2020, combining his passion for surfing with a career in finance. Additionally, he has ventured into the world of music, releasing singles under the moniker “Devan & The Doo,” adding another dimension to his diverse pursuits.

 Dr. Michael P. Zahalsky Has Become a Real-Life Hero

Dr. Michael P. Zahalsky has continued to make significant contributions to the medical field since his time on the show. As the founder of Z Zurology, he specializes in male sexual dysfunction and infertility, shaping the landscape of urological care. A Clinical Professor at Florida Atlantic University, Dr. Zahalsky’s expertise extends to his role as the founder of Urostem. Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Zahalsky demonstrated his commitment to community well-being during the tragic Florida school shooting incident on February 14, 2018, by rushing to aid the shooting victim.

He played a pivotal role in arranging a bus trip to SeaWorld for students after the shooting chaos ended, emphasizing the importance of mental well-being. Happily married to Bari Radin Zahalsky, Dr. Zahalsky is a devoted family man with three children, embodying a compassionate and impactful approach to both medicine and community service.

Ashley Nolan is a Head Surfing Coach

After the show, Ashley Nolan has carved her path with an adventurous spirit and a heart full of passion. Holding the title of Head Surfing Coach at Brevard County Special Olympics, she extends her love for the waves to the community. As the proud owner of Ohana Surf and Art Camp and Ashley Nolan Surf School, she brings the joy of surfing to others. Not only does Ashley serve as an Ocean Rescue Captain and EMT at Brevard County Fire Rescue, but she’s also a thriving entrepreneur. Beyond her professional pursuits, love has found its way into her life with Billy Bosch. Amidst her busy schedule, Ashley treasures moments with her “niblings,” a term she coined for her niece and nephews. With her canine companion, Russell, by her side, Ashley’s journey is a harmonious blend of career success and personal fulfillment.

Lauren Rimmer Keeps Her Life Under Wraps

Lauren Rimmer, the silent force from season 35, has continued her journey with resilience and a dedication to simplicity. In 2019, TradeWinds Magazine reported her shift to working on a dredge boat, embracing the challenging world of commercial fishing. Living in Beaufort, North Carolina, Lauren values her privacy, steering clear of public fame while deriving her strength from the serene tides of her coastal life. A devoted mother to Olivia, Lauren’s life revolves around the authenticity of her work and the bond she shares with her daughter. Her story reflects a commitment to a life well-lived, away from the spotlight but brimming with purpose.

Joe Mena is a Proud Husband and Father

The enigmatic probation officer Joe Mena has anchored his life in Hartford, Connecticut, blending the responsibilities of work with a vibrant social presence. As a devoted husband and father to Jaden and Jade, he keeps his personal life private while remaining an active participant in the online sphere, especially on Twitter. Balancing the demands of his career with a penchant for current trends, Joe remains closely connected with his ‘Survivor’ compatriots. The camaraderie he shares with fellow survivors is evident in the moments they spend together, creating a dynamic social landscape for the man who navigates the complexities of professional duty and personal connections.

John “JP” Hilsabeck is a Paramedic Firefighter

Image Credit: LA Magazine

John “JP” Hilsabeck, the firefighter paramedic, has transitioned into a real-life hero. Embarking on a journey to become a paramedic, according to LA Magazine, JP was at the forefront of the 2023 Turkey earthquake response. As a firefighter paramedic with the Los Angeles County Fire Department, JP plays a vital role as a canine handler for the Urban Search and Rescue team. This elite team, one of only two in the country, swiftly responded to the earthquake, showcasing JP’s commitment to saving lives, both locally and internationally. His story unfolds as a testament to the resilience and bravery that extends beyond ‘Survivor’ island.

Cole Medders is a Head Athletic Trainer Now

Beloved for his dynamic personality, Cole Medders has ventured into diverse pursuits since his time on the show. In 2023, he graced the screens again, this time on ‘Bachelor in Paradise Canada,’ adding another chapter to his reality TV journey. Beyond the entertainment industry, Cole served as a writer at Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, showcasing his versatility. An avid fitness enthusiast, his passion extends to skiing and climbing. He is the Head Athletic Trainer at F45 Training and is also associated with many modeling agencies now. Cole’s life is a vibrant mix of adventure and diverse experiences, evident in his frequent travels to exciting destinations.

Desiree “Desi” Williams Owns a Home Health Care Service Now

Desiree “Desi” Williams, a formidable presence in season 35, has continued her journey of triumphs. Beyond ‘Survivor,’ Desi not only participated in ‘The Challenge: USA‘ but emerged as the winner in the second season. Professionally, she is the proud owner of A + Care Home Health & Therapy, a Home Health Care Service, showcasing her commitment to health and well-being. With a background as a physical therapist and yoga instructor, Desi has diversified her impact. As an author, she co-authored ‘Love Affair with My Hair: Why Black Women Cheat on Health.’ Amidst her achievements, Desi is preparing for a new chapter in her personal life, with wedding bells ringing in 2024 as she plans to marry Jeremy Laney.

Jessica Johnston is a Hormone Specialist Today

Jessica Johnston, now the Owner of Optimize U Louisville and a Hormone Specialist, has become an educator beyond her ‘Survivor’ journey. The reality TV star shares valuable knowledge about hormones by utilizing her social media platform and establishing herself as an insightful figure. In the realm of personal joys, Jessica married Jair Matis in March 2019, with a wedding attended by many ‘Survivor’ tribemates. The couple celebrated the birth of their son, Collin Jeffrey Matis, in June 2023, marking a new chapter in their family’s story. Jessica’s journey is a blend of professional expertise, educational advocacy, and the joys of motherhood.

Ali Elliott is a Personal Assistant

In a podcast with ‘Beyond I Do,’ Ali Elliott shared insights into her thinking of today’s dating concepts. Despite facing the loss of her father to colon cancer during the challenging times of COVID-19, Ali remains resilient. Focusing on health, fitness, and family, she has recently taken on a role as a personal assistant, which she revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2021. Ali’s love for travel shines through her vibrant social media, where glimpses of family vacations and adventures are beautifully captured.

Roark Luskin is an Associate With Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP Today

Image Credit: Shooters Gotta Shoot Podcast/YouTube

Roark Luskin has seamlessly woven her ‘Survivor’ experience into a diverse professional journey. After completing her Master’s in Social Work in 2018, she pursued a JD at the USC Gould School of Law, concluding in 2021. Roark is currently an associate at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP. Her legal expertise extends to her internship at the Recording Industry Association of America, where she researched and drafted legal memoranda on music copyright litigation. Not just confined to the law, Roark showcased her ‘Survivor’ insights on the ‘Shooters Gotta Shoot Podcast’ in 2023 and hosted the podcast ‘Finding Mr. Height,’ delving into diverse aspects of her life and experiences.

Alan Ball is Working in Real Estate Now

Image Credit: Multifamily Insights with John Casmon/YouTube

Now a retired NFL athlete, Alan Ball has transitioned from touchdowns to a multifaceted career. In 2017, he founded his real estate development company, Next Phase Investments, displaying his entrepreneurial spirit. Since 2020, Alan has been engaged with A Golden Heart and is actively involved in mentorship. Passionate about aiding athletes, he provides position-specific training for defensive backs and high school athletes preparing for collegiate levels. His commitment extends to public speaking, evidenced by his appearance on ‘Multifamily Insights with John Casmon.’ While Alan maintains a private life, he shares it with his wife and a furry companion, creating a fulfilling personal journey.

Patrick Bolton Owns a Business Today

Image Credit: Move Details

Patrick Bolton has forged his path in the business world. He is associated with Bolt Movers and is the proud founder of Move Builders. His ventures reflect his commitment to the moving industry, showcasing expertise and innovation.

Simone Nguyen is a Law Graduate Now

Simone Nguyen’s journey has grown since her time on the show. She got engaged to Steve in 2018, and the couple got married in 2019. She shares beautiful anniversary pictures with her husband on social media every year. Her relocation from New York to Los Angeles, California, signaled a new phase in her professional and personal life. After graduating from UCLA Law in 2021, she became an associate in Capital Markets and Financial Institutions with Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP, and Affiliates.

Katrina Radke is an Entrepreneur Today

Katrina Radke’s life after the show is a harmonious blend of coaching excellence and family bliss. Married to former Stanford University and Olympic swim coach Ross Gerry, they co-founded WeCoach4U. Katrina excels as a Swim Coach, Sport Psychology, Health, and Peak Performance Expert. She cherishes family moments with their two children, Sanjay and Shanti. She lives in Excelsior, Minnesota, now.

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