Survivor’s Heather Aldret: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Heather Aldret/Instagram

CBS’ reality competition ‘Survivor’ has an unparalleled legacy of gritty and adrenaline-rushing entertainment that spans over six hundred episodes. The show centers around a group of strangers who are secluded in an isolated location to sustain themselves, whose resilience and determination are tested physically and mentally to determine the sole survivor who bags prize money of $1 million.

In season 41, the strong-willed Heather Aldret joined the competition with the resolution to become the oldest women winner of ‘Survivor.’ “Authentic, passionate, and devoted” in her own words, Heather is headstrong and unstirred in front of challenges and hardships on and off the screen. Amazed by her nature and tenacity, we have dived into everything you need to know about Heather Aldret.

Heather Aldret’s Age and Background

Heather Aldret was born on March 1, 1969. Heather grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, and went to Hammond High School before graduating from Hilton Head High School, Hilton Head Island in 1987. Currently residing in Charleston, Heather loves tennis, pickleball, painting, and exploring. Growing up in South Carolina Lowcountry was an integral part of Heather’s ‘Survivor’ journey. “Growing up in the low country. The humidity I’m used to. I’m used to the sand and the stickiness and so I felt like I had a little head start there because it’s sloppy here in the Lowcountry,” Heather said to WLTX in an interview.

Heather Aldret’s Family

Heather Aldret grew up as an only child and had a turbulent upbringing. In an interview with Parade, the contestant talked about her childhood and how it even helped her prepare for the competition. “Starting when I was little, and this isn’t a sob story. But just being from a very broken family and an only child taking care of myself and making my own way all my life. I feel that that has prepared me because I’ve learned all my lessons on my own,” she said.

Heather also shares a strong bond with her father Bubba (pictured above), who was an influential figure through her formative years. In the interview, Heather also opened up about her time with her father, which enabled her to be a strong contestant in the game. “My daddy’s name is Bubba. And I grew up in a creek. I’ve fished, and I have crabbed, and I have lived in the marsh most of my childhood summers. I know how to do those things,” she added. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the father-daughter visits were hindered temporarily, but the warmth and love remain as ever.

Heather Aldret’s Profession

Heather Aldret is currently a stay-at-home mom. Three years prior to her motherhood, Heather used to be a house flipper. The contestant used to buy properties, renovate them completely except the electric systems and roofing to sell them. Before her time in real estate, Heather used to be an elementary school teacher.

Heather’s tenure at real estate was pivotal for her to commence a stable married life. “With the profit I made with the sale of my first house which I bought all by myself, I was able to pay off the remainder of my student loans and all of my personal debt. Marrying my husband 100 percent debt-free was the absolute best gift to myself,” she told CBS.

Heather Aldret’s Husband and Children

Heather Aldret is part of a lively family with a husband and two daughters of 15 and 12 years of age. As a stay-at-home mom, Heather spends most of her time with her family and loved ones. Talking about her family, Heather has high aspirations regarding her daughters. “I’m still raising two strong, courageous, kind daughters but I’m sure who they are becoming is undoubtedly going to be my absolute best accomplishment,” she revealed to CBS.

Heather’s family also played a significant part in motivating their mother to join the competition. In the same interview with WLTX, Heather added, “And every time we would watch [Survivor] I would say I just want to do this one day and one of my daughters looked at me, she goes, ‘then just do it.’ And it’s like, okay, and the rest is history.” As Heather walks into the hearts of Survivor fans all over the world, her family stands by her as her strength and support.

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