Susan From Match Me Abroad: All We Know About Her

Despite the scores of dating sites made to accentuate authentic communication, only a few manage to find their happily ever after. In TLC’s ‘Match Me Abroad,’ three international matchmakers use their expertise, skills, and a wide network of contacts to facilitate the right connection for seven singles from America. The reality television show follows the lives of seven singles who have found it impossible to connect and hone a deep understanding.

While the confines of the dating pool contribute to half the problem, ‘Match Me Abroad’ delves into the number of reasons that contribute to the lack of dating in the lives of the seven singles. As such, international matchmakers employ their experience to take a closer look at the issues that plague the contestants. Susan is one of the seven contestants whose flamboyant personality has made viewers curious. If you also want to learn more about the reality television star, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Susan’s Background: Susan’s New York Roots

While New York City may offer a number of opportunities and benefits to the average person, it still does not quite match up to Susan’s expectations. Devoid of true connection, Susan, hailing from New York, appeared on ‘Match Me Abroad’ to placate the major issues that cloud her life.

Born in 1971, Susan is 52-years-old and wants to settle down with a compatible man. In addition to having friends and family, Susan also devotes her time to the care of her furry companion named Calliope. The entertainment reality star has been living in New York and centres her career and professional growth in the Big Apple as well.

Susan is Currently Not Dating Anyone

No, Susan is not dating anyone. Even though Susan enjoys personal and professional aspects of her life, it is the absence of a partner that has led her to TLC’s ‘Match Me Abroad.’ Along with expert international matchmaker Juan Manuel Nino, Susan is looking for the man of her dreams. Not only is Susan tired of the impediments that have made dating impossible in the United States, but she also does not feel confident in her choice anymore. On ‘Match Me Abroad,’ the New York resident stated, “My picker’s broken. Have somebody pick for me.”

While the expert matchmaker, Juan Manuel Nino, tries to alleviate Susan’s major concerns and ensure that she finds the man of her dreams, the road to happiness is full of travesties for Susan. The entertainment star has a non-negotiable requirement and wants Juan to match her with a man with a head full of hair. In her journey to finding a Latin lover who would tick all the boxes, Susan faces a number of obstacles. Instead of finding a thoughtful, charming, and handsome man Susan has come across more insensitive men with a penchant for philandering.

As such, the one thing that keeps Susan at bay and stops her from finding the man of her dreams is not just her impeccable standards but also the limitations set by the dating pool. Naturally, Susan finds a number of roadblocks in her journey to finding true love and connection. Nonetheless, we continue to wish Susan success and happiness and hope she finds her desired results professionally and personally.

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