Swagger Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘Swagger’ delves into the world of youth basketball and follows high school athlete Jace Carson, who hopes to someday play in the NBA. Episode 5, titled ’24 Hour Person,’ shows us a darker side of the sport and how the actions of an irresponsible coach can have devastating effects. A new addition to the basketball team also weighs heavy on Jace’s mind, and the episode ends on an ominous note. In case you might’ve missed some of the finer points of this chapter, let’s delve into the ending of ‘Swagger’ episode 5 and make sure we’ve got everything. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Swagger Episode 5 Recap

The episode opens with Crystal revealing to Jace that her coach has repeatedly made inappropriate advances on her and has molested her on at least one occasion, which is why she keeps skipping practice. Jace is furious, but a tearful Crystal makes him promise that he will not reveal what she has told him. Once he leaves, she bursts into tears.

Meanwhile, Ike runs into the scout from Gladiator, an athletics apparel company that sponsors a rival team. Upon finding out that Nick is planning on moving to Ike’s team, Alonzo sets up an urgent meeting with the high-school player and his mother to try and dissuade them. He tries to convince Nick to return to his original team, which is the one backed by Gladiator, but the basketball player doesn’t seem convinced. At practice, Jace repeatedly undermines Nick, which angers Ike and seems to make Nick think that perhaps he is on the wrong team.

Swagger Episode 5 Ending: Why Do Jace and His Team Mates Beat Up Crystal’s Coach?

After training, Jace calls upon his fellow teammates Musa, Drew, and Phil and asks them for a favor. He says that they are not allowed to ask questions, to which they agree, and the group sets off to a neighboring sports center. There, under the cover of darkness, they violently assault Crystal’s basketball coach and leave him injured and bleeding on the ground. However, as they run away, it is revealed that a security camera has recorded the entire incident.

Thus, the episode closes on its darkest note yet, with Jace and his friends potentially in very deep trouble. Considering Musa’s mask briefly slips off, it is almost certain that they will get caught, which will be devastating. The Swagger DMV team will also face a serious blow, considering all the boys are on the team’s starting lineup. Given the explosive repercussions, however, Jace’s motives are also equally strong.

Jace feels increasingly helpless when Crystal stops him from telling anyone about her coach’s sinister advances. He repeatedly implores her to do something, but the distressed girl remains convinced that no one will believe her and says that there is no point. It is clear that Jace finally decides to take matters into his own hands and beats up the coach because he doesn’t see any other option. In keeping with Crystal’s wishes, he also refuses to reveal to his group why they are assaulting the man. Unfortunately, getting caught is not something that Jace has completely thought through, and the repercussions are likely going to be devastating.

Which Team is Nick Mendez Playing For?

Nick finally decides to move to the Swagger DMV squad, and Ike even makes one of the existing players change their numbers so Nick can wear his lucky number 23. However, after their first practice, during which Jace repeatedly undermines him, Nick begins to think that Ike’s team is perhaps not the best fit for him.

WIth lavish offers and careful persuasion from Alonzo, Nick and his mother almost become convinced to come back to his old team. However, Nick’s former coach then makes a comment that the young, hot-headed basketball player takes as a challenge. Hence, Nick still remains on the fence about which team is the best for his basketball career, and both teams await his decision with bated breath.

Though Ike has been indifferent in the past about having Nick on his team, with Jace likely facing serious legal charges, Swagger DMV might need Nick more than ever now. However, Alonzo seems to be a skilled negotiator, and considering how close he gets to convincing Nick, the player may return to his former team.

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