Where is the Sweet Home: Sextuplets House Located?

Sweet Home Sextuplets

Sometimes, life really throws major surprises: things that are totally unexpected. However, it is almost always up to the individual to turn these challenges into opportunities. A lot of the times, these surprises might seem daunting at first, but turn out to be extremely rewarding later on. This is what the story of the Waldrop family is reminiscent of: a major surprise followed by acceptance of a challenging situation, resulting in a wholesome reward. They are the “cast members” of the TLC reality series, ‘Sweet Home: Sextuplets.’

Courtney and Eric Waldrop had three sons and happy family life. The couple of high school sweethearts, however, wanted a fourth child to further expand their family. After several failed attempts to do so, they opted for in-vitro fertilization or IVF. However, they got the shock of their lives upon finding out that they were not just going to have one more kid. Instead, Courtney Waldrop had conceived as many as six children!

The news meant that the Waldrops would now have the responsibility of raising nine children! However, the couple decided to embrace the chaos and meet their responsibilities head-on. The result: an adorable house with nine kids promising an unlimited stream of unconditional love.

The TLC series begins before the sextuplets are born: providing viewers a rather intimate look at the couple’s preparations and every moment leading up to the delivery. Moreover, after the delivery, the show takes a look at how Eric and Courtney cope up as well. Eric runs a landscaping business: Robinson and Waldrop Landscape Group. Courtney used to be a primary school teacher.

Sweet Home: Sextuplets Filming Location

Filming for ‘Sweet Home: Sextuplets’ mostly takes place in the Waldrops’ house. This is where most of the action of the reality series takes place, after all. This is where Eric and Courtney raise their nine kids. Hence, it is natural for viewers to wonder where the house is located.

Alberta, Alabama

According to local sources, the Waldrops live in Alberta, Alabama.  Alberta is located in Wilcox County in Alabama. Apparently, the community has been quite helpful to the Waldrops. They hosted a gender reveal event for the Waldrops to raise money so that the couple can raise their children without too much financial burden. Furthermore, the couple’s friends often offer a helping hand by taking care of the kids for free. Have a look at some photos of their adorable family:

Apparently, they renovated their house recently. Have a look:

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