TA3 Shark Tank Update: Where Is TA3 Now?

Season 13 episode 12 of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank‘ saw Leila Shams seek an investor from among the Sharks for her women’s swimwear line, TA3. The mega sculpting swimwear brand stands for body positivity and aims at improving confidence by fighting body image issues. The innovative and interesting product piqued our interest. Therefore, we decided to chart out the company’s growth, and here’s everything we’ve found!

TA3: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

The mastermind behind TA3, Leila Shams, has immense experience in fashion designing and is also no stranger to establishing her own organization. After completing her studies at the Parsons School of Design, Leila found herself in several Design Director roles for popular brands like The Donna Karan Company, Bebe Stores, and Buffalo David Bitton. Additionally, she also worked as a Director of Color and Concept for Express and was a Consultant for Tommy Hilfiger. In February 2009, she founded Leila Shams LLC, under whose banner she launched a contemporary collection loved by celebrities.

Leila has also been employed as a VP of Design at the Global Brands Group and in February 2017 established Shams Wow Agency, through which she offers a full range of fashion design services. Although she loved visiting beaches, Leila mentioned that getting into a swimsuit was a pretty dreadful experience as she wasn’t confident about her body. She constantly felt like dieting before putting a swimsuit on and was always conscious of how she looked, which effectively spoiled an experience that was supposed to be fun.

Thus, after spending years in regular swimsuits, Leila decided to get a liposuction done and had to wear surgical compression apparel as part of the recovery process. Amazed at how the garment maintained her body shape, she decided to model swimsuits in the same mold and finally created the perfect product after hundreds of prototypes. TA3, which is just “EAT” written backward, is marketed as a confidence-boosting apparel line. Leila claims that each swimsuit will sculpt its user’s figure, making sure she looks her very best while being comfortable at the same time, thus hopefully minimizing any anxiety that arises from body image issues.

Where Is TA3 Now?

Leila Shams was quite taken aback by the positive response she received after debuting TA3 in June 2020. Women immediately fell in love with the product and signed up for the experience. Besides, Leila’s customer base grew exponentially with the popularity, and the experienced entrepreneur worked hard to keep up with the everchanging demands. However, her hard work was ultimately rewarded as TA3 found its way onto several widely published magazines, increasing sales.

At present, TA3 swimsuits can be purchased from their official website and have a pocket pinch of $178. Although the suits are divided into four styles, namely Lacey, Plungey, Hi Cut Plungey, and Hi Cut Zippy, they all cost the same and can be availed in different sizes. While a questionnaire on the site helps you decide your size, the company also offers free shipping and returns, thus making the shopping experience a whole lot more user-friendly.

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