Tabby Shark Tank Update: Where is Tabby Now?

Over the past few years, social media apps and online dating platforms of different kinds to meet and connect with people have been all the rage. At first, they were pretty basic in terms of their target customers, but as time has passed by, applications for specific groups have also come to light. In fact, following the incredible success of Dig (a dating app for dog lovers), Tabby launched as well. As seen on ‘Shark Tank’ season 13 episode 4, it’s a place where felinophiles can interact with each other on a deeper level. So now, here’s everything we know about the business.

Tabby: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Sisters Leigh D’Angelo and Casey Isaacson are the masterminds behind Tabby, yet only the former and two other team members represented the app on the ABC production. Along with Leigh (Co-Founder & CEO), they were Nathan “The CatLady” Kehn (Tabby Brand Manager & Director of Cat Integration) and Sterling “The Trapking” Davis (Brand Manager & Director of Nonprofit and Rescue Integration). We should mention that the Isaacson duo began their journey in this industry with Dig, which was established in 2018 after Casey and a partner split because he wasn’t a dog person.

Fast forward a while, and both Nathan and Sterling had similar encounters where potential suitors let go of them primarily for having and loving cats. That’s despite their passion, ambition, and positive personalities. After all, while the former is a renowned influencer, the latter is the founder of Trap King Humane Cat Solutions. Sterling’s organization captures feral cats and releases them into the wild to keep them secure and prevent unnecessary expansion. Thus, when the sisters decided to launch Tabby, they called in these two for expert help, leading to a smooth flow of operations.

Tabby was made available to the public on August 8, 2020 — International Cat Day. Like any other application, all you need to do to make use of it is download it, go through its FAQ portion, accept the terms and conditions, and answer a few questions. If you don’t want any issues while on Tabby, you must be 18 or above. Furthermore, you need to ensure that you’re not engaging in any illegal activities, using profanity, or promoting commercial products/services without approval.

Tabby: Where Are They Now?

Tabby: The Cat Person’s Dating App is a business that allows feline lovers and owners to find their perfect match and even discover all the details of the available products and treats for their beloved pets. In short, it is ideal for anyone who either has cats or really wishes to have them in the future. “Cat lovers want to cut to the chase and find someone who is compatible with their cat-forward lifestyle,” Leigh Issacson D’Angelo said, adding that this is what Tabby helps them do.

At the moment, Tabby is free to download on iOS and Android through the App Store and Google Play, respectively. From what we can tell, the app has already been featured on People, Daily Mail, Good Morning America, and The Wall Street Journal, so it looks like the only path now for them is up. Healthy and happy relationships are Tabby’s focus, and that’s what its team promotes every step of the way.

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