The Magic 5 Shark Tank Update: Where is The Magic 5 Now?

Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

Innovation and technological advancements are the two things that make everyone in the business industry excited about new goods and services, no matter the specific field. That’s precisely why The Magic 5, dubbed as the first and only company that offers custom-fitted swim goggles, sets a standard for the steps in the right direction. After all, as viewed on ‘Shark Tank’ season 13 episode 4, they bring about comfort and convenience to an area that would’ve otherwise been left as it is. So now, let’s find out all that there’s to know about their product, shall we?

The Magic 5: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Apart from CEO Bo Haaber and Marketing Director Rasmus Barfred, who appeared on the ABC production, The Magic 5 also has Niklas Hedegaard (COO) as its co-founder. The Danish entrepreneurs came up with the idea of launching their own brand of swim goggles after one of their initial meetings, where they spoke about how they’d never had a pair they liked. Considering how Bo and Rasmus were triathletes and Niklas was a professional swimmer in Denmark’s National Team, this fact is confounding. From there, they decided to do something about the dilemma.

With Rasmus’ experience in a start-up and an eye for branding, along with Bo’s skills in software development, the trio subsequently started working together. From computer coding to technical analysis to experimenting on swimmer friends, they did it all before setting up a successful Kickstarter campaign. Following that, in 2018, they packed their bags and migrated to Charlotte, North Carolina, for good. Within six months of establishing their office/factory in the States, they’d completed 20,000+ orders from across 50 nations for pro and recreational swimmers alike.

The way The Magic 5 works is simple. Once you’ve placed your order, you have to head on over to the official app and use their Optimal Fit Scanning Technology to scale your eyes, nose, and facial contours. These scans will be verified in two days, after which your goggles will be manufactured. In 1 to 3 more weeks, the customized swim glasses will be at your doorstep. Moreover, The Magic 5 guarantees that if there are problems in the making or size, they’ll try to fix it, and if they can’t, they’ll refund you in full.

The Magic 5: Where Are They Now?

The Magic 5 goggles are created with smooth, anti-fog, and UV-protected materials that provide comfort and ensure no-fuss durability. They’re even leakproof and offer a clear peripheral vision to eradicate essentially every obstacle a swimmer can have. The fact that the glasses have already been recognized by FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation), the international governing body for swimming, and used by athletes during The Olympics and World Championships only reiterates their legitimacy.

The Magic 5 offers five types of swim goggles – Blue Magic, Blue Magic Mirror Gold and Blue Magic Mirror Silver, Clear Magic, Smoke Magic, and Black Magic Mirror Silver – and a cap. The only difference in these glasses is the amount of light it lets in, meaning that there are specifications for indoor and outdoor swimming (or both). Depending on the style and type, the goggles are priced between $55 and $75, whereas the swim cap is $15. The Magic 5 is expanding its wings day by day, and as of writing, they ship their products to more than 100 countries across the globe.

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