Tai Trang: Where is Survivor 32 2nd Runner-Up Now?

CBS’ ‘Survivor: Kaôh Rōng‘ is competitive reality series, a spinoff of the original 2000’s ‘Survivor.’ The 32nd season featured 18 contestants who were hell-bent on becoming the Sole Survivor and taking home the prize money. Amongst the contestants, Tai Trang became a fan favorite and despite the fact that he secured the position of 2nd runners-up, he was truly the champion in the hearts of his fans.

Tai Trang came on the show to win hearts and to show the audience that even with a humble heart and humorous personality, he was in it to win it. Tai Trang is a proud member of the LGBT community, and fans supported him throughout his journey.

Tai Trang’s Survivor: Kaôh Rōng’s Journey

Tai started his journey as part of the Gondol tribe. He took a chicken he would call Mark from the boat and brought it to camp. When he later went in pursuit of the Hidden Immunity Idol and was discovered, the ladies in his tribe lost faith in him. On Day 4, he attempted to locate the idol once more without luck. At the beginning of the game, Tai and Caleb Reynolds also grew close. On Day 7, Tai discovered the tribe’s Hidden Immunity Idol and discovered how two idols could be joined to create a super idol.

On Day 9, during a grueling Reward Challenge, Caleb required medical evacuation due to heat exhaustion. After the tribal exchange, Tai and Anna Khait stayed on Gondol. Aubry Bracco, Peter Baggenstos, Joe del Campo, as well as the sole original To Tang member Scot Pollard, with whom Tai had a close relationship, joined them. The tribes united to become the Dara tribe on Day 17. Tai was contacted by Debbie Wanner to form an alliance with the Brains, but he rejected her bold proposal.

Tai and the other Beauties intended to support the Brawns in order to divide their votes between Aubry and Neal Gottlieb. Tribal Council did not take place since Neal had to be transported for medical reasons. On Day 22, Tai triumphed in the subsequent Immunity Challenge. He supported Jason at Tribal Council, surprising his buddy Nick Maiorano. Tai cast his vote for Scot at the tribal council but failed to give him his idol, leaving him surprised and holding Jason’s idol in his pocket.

Tai made an attempt to justify his betrayal of Jason by saying that he was worried that he and Scot would do it, but it was ineffective in quelling Jason’s rage. Jason and Julia supported Tai at the following tribal council, but Julia lost her vote. Following Michele’s victory over Aubry on Day 37, Aubry switched her focus to Cydney and begged Tai to vote in her favor in order to cause a tie, while Michele and Cydney suggested eliminating Aubry as the most probable speaker before the jury. Tai abstained during Tribal Council, forcing Cydney and Aubry to tie.

The three finalist were Tai, Michele, and Aubry after Tai overcame Cydney in the fire-making tiebreaker and sent Cydney to the jury. Tai received criticism during the Final Tribal Council for his inconsistent tactics and mishandling of his advantage. Tai eventually released Mark towards the conclusion of the Final Tribal Council. He eventually received 0 jury votes, placing him as the second runner-up. He was defeated by Michele, who received five votes overall, and Aubry, who received two votes as the runner-up.

Tai Trang is Advocating For Animal Rights Today

Despite the fact that Tai didn’t win the show or take home the prize money, fate and love were on his side when he appeared in the Reunion Show. Australian artist Sia thanked Tai for teaching America how to treat animals at the Reunion Show by giving him $50,000 and another $50,000 to the animal charity of his choosing. Currently, Tai Trang is focusing on his career as a Gardener and a Beekeeper, where he is seen posting videos of his animals.

He is also an avid supporter of animal rights, being vegetarian himself, and his love for chickens since Mark has only increased. He appeared on ‘Rob Has a Podcast’ to talk about representation and what it means to him as an Asian and a member of the LGBT community. He also made an appearance as a judge on the California Gold Pageant. As of writing, Tai Trang is busy making the world a better place for animals.

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