Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The second episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Tales of the Walking Dead,’ titled ‘Blair/Gina,’ traces the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. Blair Crawford, who runs an insurance company, and her receptionist Gina get into a time loop in which they die several times due to the explosion of a gas truck. Starring Parker Posey as Blair and Jillian Bell as Gina, the episode progresses through their attempts to break the cycle and escape the time loop. The episode ends with enthralling developments and references pertaining to the ‘The Walking Dead’ universe. If you are confused about the ambiguous ending, let us help you to make sense of the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 2 Recap

‘Blair/Gina’ begins with Blair leaving the city of Atlanta with her fiancé Brian. When the couple waits at the gas station, Gina, who is supposed to be working at Blair’s office, arrives at the place as well. Blair confronts her receptionist and the duo gets startled to see a man who has become a walker eating his wife. Gina takes a shotgun and threatens a gas truck driver to give her the keys. A homeland security officer gets involved and a fight ensues, only for a gun to get fired, resulting in the explosion of the gas truck. After the explosion, Blair and Gina get back to their office.

Image Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC

Blair and Gina check the time, only to realize that they are trapped in a time loop. They try several ways to avoid the gas truck explosion but fail and they die each time. Blair breaks up with Brian since he hasn’t done anything to save her at the gas station before every time she has died. Gina, who needs to get to her nieces to save them, fails to do so since she fails to avoid the explosion even without Blair interfering with her. Finally, they realize they need to work together to avoid the explosion for them to get on with their lives.

Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 2 Ending: Do Blair and Gina Get Out of the Time Loop? Is the Time Loop Real?

Blair and Gina eventually agree that they need to cooperate to get out of the time loop. They team up, arrive at the gas station, and turn the attention of the homeland security officer and others to the walker who eats his wife. While others focus on the walker, Gina and Blair escape from the gas station, only to witness a herd of walkers. Even though at the expense of an explosion, they destroy a large section of the walkers. Since they are alive even after the explosion, it is safe to assume that the loop is broken and the duo has escaped it this time.

Image Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC

But is the time loop even real? As far as Gina is concerned, the time loop is folie à deux, a delusion shared by herself and Blair. She believes that they are sharing the delusion since they do spend an enormous amount of time together. However, Gina’s theory doesn’t hold much water. If the time loop is their delusion, it is impossible for them to know about the homeland security officer even before getting to the gas station. There isn’t any way for them to predict that a walker will eat his wife either. Considering these factors, we believe that the time loop is real.

Gina must be comforting herself that whatever has happened is just her and Blair’s delusion. The repeated deaths must have startled her mind enough for her to seek comfort in a narrative she can tell herself. Since folie à deux is something she has been learning about before the beginning of the time loop, she must be trying to make sense of the inexplicable time loop by believing that it is just a delusion. After spending a considerable amount of time in a hostile environment as a receptionist, the last thing Gina’s mind wants to do must be to understand what is really happening to her and her boss.

Thus, rather than putting the effort to understand or explain the time loop, Gina’s mind must be replacing the truth with the “story” of folie à deux. Gina gets stuck in the time loop amid a zombie apocalypse. She is overwhelmed with fear, not only concerning her survival but also of her nieces. Blair’s insensitive attitude towards her further adds to her uneasiness and stress as well. The time loop must have aggravated the overwhelming feeling in Gina’s mind for her to ignore the shocking reality of the time loop.

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