Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The fourth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Tales of the Walking Dead,’ titled ‘Amy/Dr. Everett,’ follows a naturalist named Dr. Everett, who studies the actions and behavior of the Homo Mortuus species AKA walkers. As his research progresses in the Dead Sector, a specific region without any human settlement, he encounters a woman named Amy, injured and separated from her group. Upon realizing that they need each other’s help for their life ahead, the duo sets out for a journey together with severe consequences. The engrossing episode ends with astounding revelations and developments. If you are interested in its ending, let us offer you a detailed look at the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 4 Recap

‘Amy/Dr. Everett’ begins with Dr. Everett conducting research on several walkers, including a particular one named “Specimen 21.” As his research progresses, he meets a woman among the walkers. Despite the woman’s call for help, Everett chooses to not rescue her, until Specimen 21 attacks her. Fearing that the woman may kill his research subject, Everett rescues her but only after the woman had broken the tracking device on the naturalist’s research subject. The woman introduces herself as Amy and seeks the help of Everett to find her group, only for the naturalist to dismiss her.

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Knowing that she will never reunite with her group without Everett’s help, Amy goes to his shelter. Everett realizes that Amy is dying slowly since she is eating poisonous seeds for food. He makes a concoction and feeds her. When Amy gets better, Everett blames her for interfering with his research and expresses his anger and disappointment regarding losing track of Specimen 21. Amy finds Specimen 21 and lets Everett know that she can lead him to his research subject only if he helps her reunite with her group. They begin their journey together to help each other.

Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 4 Ending: Do Amy and Her Group Die? How?

When Amy lets Everett know that she and her group are trying to settle in the Dead Sector, he tries his best to oppose it. Amy misunderstands the naturalist’s opposition as his contempt towards human beings and their domination over nature and other entities like walkers. He even shows her how much flora and fauna have prospered in the region only because of the lack of human intervention. But in reality, Everett has been trying to warn her about the dangers that await Amy and her group members if they move forward with inhabiting the Dead Sector.

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The Dead Sector is filled with large herds of walkers. All the groups of walkers migrate toward other groups to form a large herd. Thus, the numbers gradually increase from hundreds to thousands and then thousands to millions. Even Specimen 21 is trying to join a herd that would join another large herd. Unfortunately for Amy and her group, the region they want to inhabit is a part of the migration route of the walkers. Everett warns Amy that she and her group will die if they settle in the route of the walkers. Amy reunites with her group to warn them but she fails to save them.

Amy and her group die and become walkers. She may have tried to warn her groupmates but they may not have taken her words seriously to move from the region before the arrival of the migrating walkers. Or else, they must have been tired enough to migrate on such short notice and risked their lives by staying in the region. Whatever the reason is, they do not leave for a secure place and eventually die. But it may not be the end of Amy’s life. In the closing shot of the episode, Everett tries to put a collar and leash on Amy, most likely to make her his next research subject.

Everett may try to study the turned Amy’s actions, movements, and behavior to compare them with her characteristics while she was alive. Such an experiment will give Everett clarity regarding the changes that happen in a human being once one gets turned.

Who is Specimen 21? Is He Dead?

Specimen 21 is Everett’s former colleague Dr. Moseley. Everett and Moseley worked together in a research team that studied the activities, movements, and behavior of walkers. But due to creative differences, the group members got separated. A hopeless Everett wandered around for two years, accepting the inevitable death. However, after two years, he met Moseley in a ranger station, continuing the research team’s work on his own. However, Moseley was suffering from cancer. Before he died, Moseley made Everett promise that he will not kill the former once he turns for the latter to study him. Thus, Moseley became Specimen 21.

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When Moseley chose to suffer as a walker rather than die, Everett understood the importance of studying walkers. Moseley’s sacrifice helped the scientist accept walkers as a species that is part of nature. Even though Everett believes that objectivity and lack of emotion should dictate scientific projects and research, he is emotionally connected to Specimen 21 and that’s the reason why he sets out to find him despite the challenges and dangers he has to face. Although he ends up finding Specimen 21, a crocodile bites him. Since a walker will not be able to rescue himself from a crocodile, Specimen 21 must have died.

The emotions Specimen 21’s death creates in Everett may make him realize that he is after all a human being. Even when he denies the need for human company, having Moseley/Specimen 21 around as a walker has been Everett’s way of dealing with his loneliness. Since he is trying to replace Specimen 21 with the turned Amy, he may try to find solace in her company.

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