Tampa Baes Season 1 Cast: Where Are They Now?

Image Credit: Lindsey Byrnes/Amazon Studios

Set against the backdrop of a sunny and scenic west-central Florida city, Prime Video’s ‘Tampa Baes’ is a reality series that follows a pre-existing group of 12 friends as they navigate life within the LGBTQ+ community. After all, every member in this circle identifies as a lesbian and shares their journey of love, family, and friendship to highlight that they’re just like everyone else. Since the cast is at the front and center, there are loads of rivalries, laughter, tears, and drama within this production. So, let’s find out where they are today, shall we?

Ali Myers

Although Ali Myers reportedly holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Business from Texas State University, where she was a star soccer athlete, it appears as if she currently serves as a sales and marketing representative. She has been in this particular industry since around 2016, soon after she’d relocated to the Tampa Bay region to be with her loving girlfriend, Nelly Ramirez. They’ve been together for over six years now, and from what we can tell, they often travel to Texas to spend some quality time with Ali’s friends and family there as well.

Nelly Ramirez

Nelly Ramirez is not only Ali Myers’ girlfriend but also an entrepreneur and permanent makeup artist. As a 4x certified PMUA with more than six years of experience in the beauty industry, the Florida native owns and operates Nelly’s Brow Bar and is actually very well qualified for the job. From simple touch-ups to ombre powdered brows to correction brows, her services include everything. As for what she feels towards her beautiful partner, Nelly makes that evident through the adorable snapshots she frequently shares on her personal Instagram account.

Shiva Pishdad

As a first-generation Iranian American, Shiva Pishdad’s experiences have been a little different than those of her friends, yet she fits into the group just perfectly. She’s loud and proud about who she is and maintains that “friends, money, & hoes— they come & they go— but swag is forever.” From what we can tell, the 27-year-old has already obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Management Information Systems from the University of South Florida. She is doing this while also working as a Business Analyst at Katpro Technologies, an IT firm.

Jordan Whitley

With an Exercise Science and Sports Studies degree from Rutgers University-New Brunswick and a Nursing degree from the University of Miami, Jordan Whitley is a travel ICU nurse that now calls Tampa her home. Since softball is also a big part of her life — she dedicated 19 years to the sport as an athlete, following in the footsteps of her grandfather and mother — it seems like she’s also a scout for Softball Factory. She no longer plays but is still passionate about it. Coming to her family, Jordan was born to Michelle Niesley-Whitley and Charles Whitley as the eldest of three sisters and is extremely proud of her mixed race.

Marissa Gialousis

Having received an Associate’s degree from Rasmussen College in 2019, Marissa Gialousis is another registered nurse in the ‘Tampa Baes’ cast. Before she entered into this challenging yet rewarding field, though, the 30-year-old had earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree, specializing in Marketing, from the University of South Florida. However, she only calls herself a “Chicken Wing Expert” on her social media platforms, where she also enjoys showing off her happy and healthy relationship with Summer Mitchell from time to time.

Summer Mitchell

Summer Mitchell is a certified makeup artist and public figure who had actually moved to Tampa to be with Marissa. Thankfully, they are still going strong and appear to be living together in the city. It doesn’t look like Summer runs a business, yet she and her girlfriend have their own YouTube channel. They shared travel vlogs, challenges, and simple conversational videos there until about two years ago. The account hasn’t been active since then, but the clips are still exciting and entertaining. You can even check out Summer’s makeup-based profile here.

Cuppie Bragg

Like Marissa and Jordan, with qualifications from Chamberlain University, Cuppie Bragg is also a nurse. The 26-year-old recently moved back to Tampa to pursue a Nurse Practitioner degree, but it’s important to note that she’s also a successful businesswoman and influencer. After all, as of writing, she has nearly 30k followers on Instagram and operates Cuppfit, a health and lifestyle program. Cuppie aims to help others lead fitter, healthier, and better lives. Moreover, it looks like she’s now living the way she always wanted to, which is honestly the only thing that matters.

Image Credit: Cuppie Bragg/Instagram

Melanie Posner

Originally from Pennsylvania, Melanie Posner is an artist and muralist specializing in colored photo-realistic works that capture both imagination and emotions. Following her formal education in the creative field from the University of Tampa, she settled down in the region, only to have her pieces be featured in numerous galleries, exhibits, and on city walls. One of Melanie’s most well-known clients has been Walt Disney World, yet she continues to do commission work as well. She’s a free spirit, and nothing can ever pull her away from her passion.

Brianna Murphy

Although Brianna Murphy was born in New York, she spent her formative years in New Jersey before migrating to Florida at 11 with her family. She initially went to university hoping to pursue a career in medicine, but once she realized that she couldn’t do a hierarchy-based job, she grew into an entrepreneur. Thanks to her sound support system, patience, and strong personality, she found success. From animal grooming services to real estate to flipping houses, Brianna has done it all. And now, she’s a reality star alongside her girlfriend of six years, Haley Grable.

Haley Grable

Like her girlfriend, Haley Jean Grable moved to Florida right before she became a teenager with her family to lead a different life. From there, at 18, she began attending the University of South Florida to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences, where she met Brianna. The duo got together and eventually approached producers to pitch the idea of creating a reality show based on them and their friend group, leading to the birth of ‘Tampa Baes.’ Thus, today, Haley is a reality star and an entrepreneur passionate about dance and gardening.

Olivia Mullins

Olivia Mullins relocated from Jemison, Alabama, to Florida in search of a varied and comfortable life for herself. Although this space is unlike the conservative one she grew up in, she seemingly feels right at home here. Hence, apart from serving as a professional bartender at a few establishments to make ends meet, Olivia spends most of her time riding free on her skateboard or hanging out with friends and her dogs.

Mack McKenzie

From what we can tell, Mack McKenzie is a Tampa Bay native through and through. She’s loud and proud about who she is and what she believes in, but most importantly, she’s close to her family and seems to have a great support system. As for her work, Mack recently announced a podcast called ‘Mackin N’ Florida,’ where she will highlight local creators, influencers, and artists to help them expand their wings. Like many others, creativity feeds her soul, so she wants the field to be acknowledged as much as possible.

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