Where is Tanisha Cleveland From My 600-lb Life Now?

‘My 600-lb Life’ on TLC documents the fantastic journeys that participants undergo to shed weight. Often, the people on the show are morbidly obese and need to make quick changes if they wish to live. Unfortunately, many don’t make it despite the careful guidance and supervision of Dr. Now. However, Tanisha Cleveland’s story is one of success, which might make you wonder where she is at present. We have the latest news and updates.

Tanisha Cleveland’s My 600-lb Life Journey:

Tanisha joined the show at the age of 32. The mother of two had a heart-wrenching tale for the viewers. Hailing from Silsbee, the Texas-based participant gained 100 pounds after her mother’s death. However, Tanisha’s eating problems started during her childhood. Her mom struggled with addiction to drugs and alcohol, and her boyfriend was a violent addict who often took his anger out on a young Tanisha.

She moved to her grandparents’ house but was only happy after a while until her grandfather molested her. It led her to turn to food for peace because Tanisha felt nobody could hurt her while she was eating. After moving back to her mother’s house, things were the same, since Tanisha’s mother had many boyfriends. The participant was molested by one of them and started to feel like she couldn’t control who touched her. By the time Tanisha joined the show, she had weighed 483 pounds.

Before beginning her journey with Dr. Now, she relied on her daughters but was visibly scared after her mother’s death due to obesity. Not wanting to meet the same end, Tanisha tried to make changes. She lost 11 pounds but quit the program after her husband, Troy, divorced her. She joined the show but found she’d put on 10 pounds. Tanisha turned to food for comfort, but a producer showed up at her doorstep, which convinced her to seek Dr. Now’s help. After adhering to his routine and exercise, Tanisha managed to be greenlit for the surgery, shedding a total of 119 pounds.

Where is Tanisha Cleveland Now?

Tanisha is well on her path to making positive changes. She credits the support and grace of the Almighty for helping her on her journey. Accordingly, her Facebook bio reads, “YES I AM TANISHA FROM MY 600LB LIFE…GOD HAS BROUGHT ME A MIGHTY LONG WAY. OLD THINGS HAVE BEEN WASHED AWAY AND BECAUSE OF GODS GRACE AND MERCY I AM A NEW CREATION.”

Although Tanisha’s social media profile doesn’t give away much about her either, you can check out her post from 2017, which shows how she used to look towards the beginning of her weight loss journey.

Since then, Tanisha has learned the importance of self-love and acceptance. They are essential for someone attempting to turn their lives around. See Cleveland’s post, where the participant declares that she loves herself.

Most recently, Tanisha has posted a picture on January 22, 2020. It shows massive progress as far as her weight loss program is concerned. At the same time, it reinforces her sense of self-reliance as Tanisha says we should be ourselves and let our real lights shine.

In conclusion, Tanisha seems to have been successful in losing weight, but still has some ways to go before achieving her target. With her determination and support from her loved ones, it should not be too hard.

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