Temptation Island Season 6: Where Are The Couples Now? Who Are Still Together?

In an attempt to recalibrate their relationship, four couples arrive on ‘Temptation Island,’ to regain confidence in their dynamics. As the couples find themselves amidst a group of singles, they try to map the distance between their attraction to available singles and their loyalty to their partners. With numerous themes in the mix, the reality television show features the utter drama that follows when couples test the waters and deviate from their partners. Released in 2021, season 6 of the series also features unbridled romance. So, if you’re also curious to know whether the couples from the sixth iteration are together or not, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Chelsea Orcutt and Thomas Gipson Are Still Going Strong

The California natives arrived on the island with their share of trust issues. While Chelsea was irked by Thomas’ flirtatious side, the latter felt that nothing he’d do would prove his loyalty to Chelsea. So, when the duo came to the island, they faced several ups and downs that tested the strength of their relationship. While Thomas had cozied with Sophia Perez, Chelsea had pursued a connection with Blake Eyres. However, despite the blossoming romance that Chelsea and Thomas had begun, the duo ultimately decided to walk away from the island together.

Since then, the couple has continued to grow strong together. In 2021, Chelsea went LIVE on her Instagram account and clarified that she and Thomas were under a lot of pressure to deliver on different counts. Moreover, the star also communicated that reality shows could construe a different image in order to make it interesting for the viewers. “We had producers in our ears and there’s a lot of pressure and there’s alcohol. We just want to have fun and it’s coming off so negatively and I really didn’t expect that to happen,” she said. On the professional level, Chelsea and Thomas have continued to grow as actors. Together, the two are parents to an adorable furry baby named Bernardio!

Since his exit from the show, Thomas has continued his successful streak as an artist and starred in, ‘Burning Little Lies,’ ‘Hider in My House,’ ‘Saving Savanna,’ and ‘Shiter.’ In addition to being the male lead in the Lifetime movie, ‘What Lies Behind The Walls,’ he is also co-producing, ‘What Brings Us Together.’ Similarly, Chelsea has also grown as a creator and an actor. The star is an Only Fans creator and has acted in, ‘Minx,’ ‘Spellbound,’ and ‘Camila Cabello: Liar.’ Chelsea also sells apparel, shoes, and accessories online.

Erica Washington and Kendal Kirkland Are Not Together Anymore

Arriving on the island with self-doubt, Erica felt that she and Kendal should separate since she did not bring enough to the table. Throughout the season, Erica and Kendal continued to grow further apart. While Erica became her own woman, Kendal became involved romantically with other singles. Eventually, Erica got over Kendal, and the duo left the island separately. Kendal decided to walk away from the island with Alexcys Homan. However, the reunion episode uncovered that Alexcys was just as affected as Erica by Kendal’s whim.

Ultimately, Kendal walked from the show alone. After the season ended, Kendal established his website Kendal Kirkland where fans can purchase a fitness e-book titled, ‘The Kirkland Approach.’ Besides this, Kendal also has a YouTube channel. While the star is no longer actively acting, he still models for different brands. On the other hand, Erica has since begun a private life and now likes to keep her personal and professional affairs concealed from the media spotlight.

Erin Smith and Corey Sobczyk Have Separated

Corey Sobczyk and Erin Smith had come onto the show because they felt they were incompatible and not good enough for each other. Naturally, throughout their time on the show, the former football player and behavioral therapist had their share of ups and down. Nevertheless, the on-and-off-again couple ultimately walked away from the show hand in hand. However, things changed in their relationship, and the reunion episode laid their issues bare. Ultimately, Erin decided she did not want to be with Corey because he could not communicate and be vulnerable with her.

However, even then, the duo managed to navigate their issues and got back together. Finally, in March 2022, Erin revealed on the ‘It’s Tempting’ podcast that she and Corey broke up in July 2021. While the star did not divulge the details of their separation, she did elaborate that something came to pass between them in July that could not be undone. Nevertheless, the star is now exploring new avenues of success. Gaining female friendships from the show, Erin has since widened her network and is now co-hosting the ‘It’s Tempting’ podcast with Kaci Campbell.

Nevertheless, Erin likes to keep her life private and not reveal her relationship status. As for Corey, the star is now the Director of Water Parks and Pool Operations at Choctaw Casinos and Resorts. On the personal front, the Oklahoma-based reality television personality likes to remain tight-lipped.

Kristen Ramos and Julian Allen Are Happily Married Today

Despite their decade-long relationship, the high-school sweethearts faced innate struggles that made it difficult for them to commit. Having lost her brother unexpectedly, Kristen’s fear of losing people had led to an entrenched trauma. Nevertheless, Julian continued to prove his devotion to Kristen throughout the show, and the couple continued to avoid single suitors. At the final bonfire, Julian bent down on one knee and popped the ultimate question, to which Kristen said yes.

Shortly a year after their appearance on the show, the couple got hitched and even invited their fellow castmates. The married couple is now accelerating on the professional front as well. Julian has established a gym called NJ Performance Lab which offers custom workouts and nutrition programs. The former football player is also a certified trainer with the International Sports Sciences Association. Similarly, Kristen also continues to make progress as a Physical Therapist. In addition to their careers, the couple are internet creators and have garnered considerable popularity post their appearance on the show.

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