Temptation Island Season 7: Where Are The Couples Now? Who Are Still Together?

In an attempt to alleviate the cloud of doubt and mistrust, four couples come together in ‘Temptation Island’ and put their relationship to the test. As couples overcome the dilemmas in their relationship and make peace with the qualms of their dynamics, a number of dramatic situations follow. With attractive singles vying for a match with the couples, the reality television show features drama and heartbreak exponentially. Released in 2022, season 7 of ‘Temptation Island’ features several issues. So, if you’re also curious to find out about the current relationship status of the couples, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Rodriguez and Lascelles Lagares Are Not Together Anymore

When Ashley and Lascelles trotted onto the island, they were convinced that their love would win over any impediments. Despite seven years under their belt, the two had failed to keep their promises intact. Almost immediately after they entered the island, Lascelles gave up his girlfriend of close to a decade and sought Trace Winnigham. At the final bonfire, Lacelles dumped Ashley and left the island with Trace. As for Ashley, the reality star decided to remain single despite developing a close connection with Blake Blumenshine. However, the romance between Lascelles and Trace was also short-lived.

After the drama that warped the couple, Ashley and Lascelles embarked on their individual paths. Ashley has since launched a podcast titled, ‘In the Mix.’ She has also established a juicing business called Rod Sister Juices. Ashley is currently dating Roderick Hawthorne, and the couple have been together for more than a year and even hinted at the possibility of an engagement. As for Lascelles, the reality star is currently working as a firefighter in New York City and is also a fitness trainer. He also has a page dedicated to fitness and provides custom fitness plans for clients. Besides this, he is also expanding his career as a burgeoning model.

Iris Jardiel and Luke Wechselberger Have Separated Now

Alleviating any room for doubt, Iris and Luke grew even closer to each other during their time on the show. Without giving in to temptation, Luke proved his affection for Iris and even proposed to his lady love at the final bonfire. While their journey on the show had been fruitful, things changed after the season came to a close. Initially, the couple rejoiced as an engaged duo, ready to be married. However, the preliminary adoration soon wore out. Soon after, Iris purged Luke from her account and even stopped wearing her engagement ring.

In November 2022, Iris and Luke posted a since-deleted video on Iris’ YouTube channel confirming that they were taking a break since she allegedly caught Luke flirting with other girls on social media. While the duo managed to recalibrate from the issue briefly and even go on a trip, the couple ultimately walked their separate paths. In June, Iris took to Kaci Campbell and Erin Smith’s ‘It’s Tempting’ podcast to discuss Luke’s infidelity and how his circle of denial eventually led her to break things off. Since then, Iris has found love elsewhere and is dating a new man.

Iris is also an Instagram influencer and regularly uses her platform to promote several products. The BeReal creator also sells apparel on Poshmark and is working as an Account Executive for Worldwide Express in Washington. Like Luke, Iris is also an Amazon FBA Seller. Luke also has an online course where he teaches people how to become Amazon sellers. The star is also an avid traveler and is currently enjoying his singledom!

Gillian Lieberman and Edgar de Santiago Have Parted Ways

Recent graduates Gillian and Edgar came to the exotic island to discover if their relationship could survive post-graduation. However, it quickly became apparent that the duo had outgrown each other. After exploring connections with different singles, Gillian and Edgar ultimately parted ways. Nevertheless, they are creating new milestones personally. Since his appearance on the show, Edgar has nosedived into acting, writing, and modeling.


The reality star has even modeled for several fashion brands. He is currently working on releasing his first poetry book and has also worked on productions like, ‘S.W.A.T.,’ ‘Heaven on Earth,’ ‘A Very Carol-y Christmas,’ and ‘Division.’ As for Gillian, the star has expanded her career as a Real Estate Agent. She is based in Palm Beach and works for William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage, and Insurance. On the personal front, Gillian and Edgar are single and instead choose to focus on their career.

Hania Stocker and Ash Lamiroult Are Not Dating Anymore

After 18 months of dating, Ash and Hania found that their relationship could not move forward due to numerous roadblocks. With Ash moving across the country for work, Hania suggested that the duo should have an open relationship since a long-distance relationship can be difficult. Nevertheless, the duo found themselves growing apart throughout the show. When Hania popped the question to Ash at the final bonfire, things had already exploded.


Ultimately, Hania and Ash decided to walk away from the show separately. Since then, Hania has started focusing on his gardening business called Northern New Mexico Gardens. On the personal front, the book cover model is single and likes to spend time with his dog and cat. On the other hand, Ash has dedicated their time to figuring themselves out. While no longer dating, they still excel at burlesque dancing and performing. The reality star regularly takes to Instagram to showcase their skills as a model.

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