Teodoro Marani: Is He Dating? Where is He Now?

Teodoro Marani’s appearance in Netflix’s ‘Super Rich in Korea’ presented the world with the view of a man who may have been born with a “diamond spoon” but was also determined to make his own way in the world. His love for South Korea and its culture is one of the main reasons why he does not live in Italy. Instead, he has started to build a life in Seoul, South Korea. Of course, the journey has not been easy for him, but Teodara has remained determined to fulfill his dreams and retain his happiness.

Teodoro Marani Hails From a Rich Family

As it turns out, Teodoro Marani’s family owns the Italian luxury brand called Henry Beguelin. The company is headed by his father, Tullio Marani, who also appeared in the Netflix show. With stores across numerous countries, the company is certainly doing well, and Teodoro is set to inherit much of it. That said, he enjoys a certain level of independence, which includes being financially independent from his parents. The sentiment is borne from his love for freedom and his determination to make a name for himself.

Over the years, Teodoro has actually worked in various fields that have helped him hone his skills. In November and December of 2014, he worked as a Bartender for Benugo in London, England. He also worked for his father’s company from June 2015 to August 2015 as a Communication Assistant. Following this, he became a student at Glion Institute of Higher Education in 2015 and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Luxury Brand Management. While still pursuing his studies, he worked as a Chef Assistant for W Hong Kong (January 2016 to June 2016) and as a member of Revenue and Distribution for Design Hotels AG (January 2017 to June 2017).

In January 2019, Teodoro started working for Lomino as a restaurant manager, enhancing his skills in the hospitality industry. He then joined HB Asia Pacific in January 2020 to provide financial help with reasonable imports and exports. As September 2022 came around, Teodoro decided to leave Lomino and started his own company called Loop Trade Innovators in order to oversee the import and export of food and beverages in South Korea. He also left HB Asia Pacific in October 2022.

Over the years, Teodoro’s work has helped him rise financially and socially. The reality TV star may have grown up in Milan, Italy, but has strong ties to Seoul, South Korea. In fact, when his father asked him if he was planning to move back to Italy anytime soon, he seemed hesitant to give an answer and stated that he currently wanted to explore his options in South Korea. While he has a good connection with Tullio, this seems to be an argument that the two often clash over, with the father wanting his son back home and Teodoro wanting to create his own life in the country of his choosing.

Teodoro Marani Has Been Making Great Strides as a Businessman

With a keen eye for business opportunities and in-depth knowledge of the hospitality industry, Teodoro has continued to flourish professionally. The reality TV star remains the proud Founder of Loop Trade Innovators and has been dabbling in the alcohol business. In fact, he even bagged the Best Gin in Korea award from Korea Wine and Spirits in April 2024 for Portofino Dry Gin, a brand under his purview. Additionally, he is known for showcasing his skills as a chef and teaching others at The Hyundai Mall in Seoul.

Having been a resident of Seoul for so long, Teodoro has strong roots in the country and is familiar with some of the biggest names in the country. He may not be interested in returning to Italy permanently at this moment, but he remains interested in the workings of Henry Beguelin. During his trip to Italy, he visited the factory and oversaw work there, being actively involved in the manufacturing process. He is also known for helping out with his father’s stores in Seoul while also taking care of his own businesses.

As for his love life, Teodoro does seem to be single at the moment. While on the show, he went on a double date in support of David Yong and ended up connecting with Hyun-ji. The two later met up again with Teodorio, showing his date the details of a house from World War 2. He also cooked for her, and though they did seem to have a good time, it does not seem like things progressed much in that regard.

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