The 1% Club: Where is the Prime Video Show Filmed?

Prime Video’s ‘The 1% Club’ is an unscripted game show that quizzes its contestants in a battle of wits to determine whether they are in the nation’s top 1%. Created by Andy Auerbach and Dean Nabarro, the show is an adaptation of ITV’s British show of the same name. Hosted by Patton Oswalt, each episode features 100 contestants competing to win $100,000. Forgoing a test of memory, the host instead asks logic-based questions to understand how one’s brain works.

As the entertaining answers start to pour in, the rounds go from 90% to the final question, which only 1% of the population gets right based on a scientific survey. Besides the riveting competition, we are drawn in by the show’s dazzling environments, with vibrant lighting and a glitzy stage. While watching the episodes unfold, some viewers may have a question of their own regarding the place where it is shot.

The 1% Club Filming Locations

Shooting for ‘The 1% Club’ takes place entirely on a single set in Los Angeles, California. The series was greenlit in October 2023 and began filming episodes shortly afterward. The contestants seen on the show are picked from across the country and brought in for an elimination-style contest. As a presenter, Patton Oswalt is well-regarded by the team behind the production. “Patton exudes all attributes of an iconic host, and we are thrilled he has joined us for the first ever game show on Prime Video,” said Lauren Anderson, an executive at Amazon MGM Studios. “Patton’s distinct combination of warmth and wit made him the ideal person to bring this addictive format to life.”

Los Angeles, California

The heart of Hollywood is the prime filming location for ‘The 1% Club.’ The set seen in the show is created using a soundstage at a movie studio. Amazon’s offices in Los Angeles are concentrated around Culver City, which is home to the vast MGM lot. Culver City has a rich cinema history dating back to the early 20th century and has become a hub for modern digital media and entertainment companies. Amazon owns multiple production stages in Culver City and has made Culver Studios its headquarters.

Situated on 9336 Washington Boulevard, The Culver Studios is nestled in the heart of Culver City, established by silent movie pioneering Thomas H. Ince in 1918. The studio features 6 sound stages varying from 5,600 to 34,500 square feet. Only six miles from the Los Angeles International Airport, the studio is centrally located in the heart of Screenland.

The studio’s capacity to adapt to the changing demands of the entertainment industry ensured its continued relevance. In the 2010s, The Culver Studios underwent significant renovations to modernize its facilities while preserving its historical charm. This transformation was part of its acquisition by Hackman Capital Partners, who aimed to merge the studio’s storied past with the latest technological advancements in film production.

In 2017, Amazon announced plans to occupy 280,000 square feet at the studios, including the Mansion and Bungalows. It is also home to Amazon’s Stage 15, an AWS-Powered Virtual Production Mega Stage. The stage distinguishes itself by combining two previous stages and sporting a massive LED wall, 80 feet in diameter and 26 feet tall. The holiday comedy, ‘Candy Cane Lane’ became the first film to shoot on the stage.

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