The Amazing Race Season 19: Where Are The Contestants Now?

A barrage of chases, challenges, and choices, CBS’ ‘The Amazing Race’ features eleven teams going head to head in order to win the ultimate title and walk away with the coveted trophy. The reality television show features a high-stakes worldwide chase. As the contestants put their physical acumen to the test in a feat to overcome the obstacles, they find that clearing navigational and language barriers to win against their competitors may not be as easy.

With drama and interpersonal issues in the mix, the show, hosted by Phil Keoghan, offers a number of exhilarating themes. Years after the cast of season 19 won over viewers, many continue to wonder about the stars. So, if you also want to know how the contestants’ lives panned out, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Where are Ernie Halvorsen and Cindy Chang Now?

Devoid of doubt and ready to face obstacles, engaged couple Ernie and Cindy became a prominent team on the show from the get-go. While the duo’s ability to navigate made them a forerunner, their spirit to see through tiring challenges also contributed to their win. After walking away from season 19 with the trophy, Ernie and Cindy tied the knot in 2012 with their friends, family, and even cast members present. Since then, the couple has welcomed three children and returned to reality television when they appeared on the season finale of ‘The Amazing Race’ season 29.

Apart from their feat on television, the couple are also business leaders. Cindy is currently the Global Head of Capabilities at Google and an angel investor. She is also a TEDx speaker and continues to create awareness on a number of vital topics. Ernie is currently the Lead of Commercialization at The Kraft Heinz Company and also manages vacation rentals. Along with their children, Cindy and Ernie continue to create new memories and milestones.

Where are Jeremy Cline and Sandy Draghi Now?

The marketeer and nurse practitioner faced a few hurdles on the show but still finished in second place. Since their exit from reality television, Jeremy and Sandy have achieved success in their careers and personal life. In 2012, the duo tied the knot and welcomed their daughter shortly after. Since then, Jeremy and Sandy have given birth to a son and continued to accelerate in their respective careers.

Jeremy has become an industry leader and serves as the Board of Director, Founding Principal and President for different organizations. Meanwhile, Sandy has continued to uphold her role as a nurse practitioner at Blackhawk Plastic Surgery in California. The couple raises their children and continues to explore new things together.

Where are Andy Finch and Tommy Czeschin Now?

As the first team of Olympians to compete on the show, Andy and Tommy had a number of advantages over their competitors. Even so, the pro snowboarders found it difficult to decipher a clue and were ultimately placed fourth on the show. Since their exit from ‘The Amazing Race,’ the duo has maintained their love for snowboarding and athletics.

Andy continues to put his skills on the snow to use. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and children and recently appeared on the ‘This Is My Story’ podcast. Similarly, Tommy has also pursued his interests consistently. He is now an Olympic coach and wakes surfs with companies like Liquid Force and MB Boats in California. On the personal front, Tommy continues to enjoy life with his wife and three children.

Where are Amani and Marcus Pollard Now?

The former football tight end had contested the race along with his wife. Known for his records in the NFL and stealth on the field, Marcus and Amani Pollard presented a fierce competition to all the contestants. After claiming third place on the show, the duo continued to support their four children and expand their careers. In 2013, Pollard became the Director of Player Development for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Amani has since relegated herself from the position of a business owner and now spends time with her friends and family.

Where are Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca Now?

The winners of ‘Survivor: Amazon’ and ‘Survivor: Africa,’ Ethan and Jenna were formidable opponents on the show. However, after their untimely exit from the show, the duo also faced obstacles off-camera. Shortly after, Ethan was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma and underwent a stem-cell transplant to cure his disease. Not just this, the couple became advocates for cancer survival and detection. However, the couple ultimately parted ways in 2013 after more than a decade of companionship, citing differences.

In 2016, Ethan tied the knot with Lisa Heywood and is now a motivational speaker and television personality. He also owns his brand and sells personalized merchandise. The reality star is also an investor and inventor. As for Jenna, the star has since recused herself from reality television and has largely concealed herself from the media. The TV host was arrested in 2018 for driving under the influence and possessing narcotics. She also allegedly bit an officer. However, Jenna has since overcome her struggles and now likes to keep her life under wraps.

Where are Zac Sunderland and Laurence Sunderland Now?

The yacht manager and sailor team presented a tough competition but ultimately got ousted due to miscommunication. Even so, the father-son duo has continued to make new milestones in their life. As the first person under 18 to sail around the world, Zac already had a number of records under his belt. The record-setting reality star, who even had a pirate scare, now spends time with his friends and family.

Zac is currently dating co-sailor Jordan Chu. Similarly, Zac’s father, Laurence, also continues to devote time to his eight children. In addition to his work as the owner of Sunderland Yacht Management, Laurence also has an interest in filmmaking. Laurence has his own production house called WorldWind Productions, where he has also dabbled in direction.

Where are Ron Zeitz and Bill Smith Now?

While the flight attendants and partners had hoped to put their aerial knowledge to good use, they ended up leaving the show earlier than anticipated. Nevertheless, over the years, Bill and Ron have continued to make progress as a couple and as individuals. The duo has still kept their spark alive and spends time with their friends and family. Since his exit, Bill has dabbled into other interests. He is currently a Mortgage Loan Officer for First Class Landing. Ron is now a coach for flight attendants at American Airlines.


Where are Kaylani Paliotta and Lisa Tilley Now?

While the former showgirls did employ their adventurous spirit to the tiring tasks, they ultimately left the show early due to navigational issues. Since then, Kaylani Paliotta and Lisa Tilley have explored different paths. Kaylani went on to establish herself in entertainment. As an actress, dancer, producer, and director, Kaylani’s work has spanned a number of productions, including ‘Sin City Saints,’ ‘The Max Decker Sausage Company,’ and ‘Reflections.’ She is also a single mother and has been open about her struggles of raising a child while working in a competitive industry.

As for Lisa, the star has since sought a career outside of entertainment and television. She has since established herself in business development, sales and management. Lisa is currently the General Manager at Melroseplace in Los Angeles. In addition, the reality star is also a real estate agent. Apart from her work, Lisa also enjoys spending time with her friends and dogs.

Where are Liz and Marie Canavan Now?

The twins with contrasting interests have lived an equally exciting life outside of television as well. In 2013, Liz and Marie Canavan moved to New York City and have been since a part of ‘The Artie Lange Show’ show. Aside from their career, they have also gotten married and enjoy time with their respective spouses.

Where are Justin and Jennifer Young Now?

In a bout of doubt, the two formidable siblings ended up becoming the fifth team to be eliminated from the show. Nevertheless, Justin and Jennifer have continued to accrue success personally and professionally. Since her days as a special education teacher, Jennifer has climbed the ladder of success and is currently the Principal of Oakhurst Elementary School in Georgia. Justin has also made progress as a doctor and is currently a practitioner at Carbon Health.

In addition to his work, he has avid interests and spends his time traveling and exploring with his friends and family. Justin is now based in California and has also found an interest in filmmaking. Justin produced, directed and wrote his first short film, ‘That’s Me On The Right.’ He is also a published writer and has even contributed to The Huffington Post. Justin wants to explore socially involved cinema and invoke pivotal themes through his works.

Where is Cathi Alden Now? How did Bill Alden Die?

Despite their old age, Bill and Cathi shared a fiery spirit that allowed them to consistently one-up their fellow competitors. After coming in 5th on the season, the grandparents continued to make new memories with their family. As retired educators, Bill and Cathi chose to spend their retirement with excitement and fun. Their adventurous spirit did little to stop them, and the couple continued to create their footprints across the world.

While their undeterred spirit led them to experience a number of adventures, even after the cameras closed in on them, things soon turned bleak for the Alden clan when Bill got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. While the family had remained hopeful, the struggle with the disease was apparent. Finally, in 2016, after an uphill battle, reality star Bill Alden passed away at the age of 69. Since then, Cathi has largely refrained from social media and now spends her time with friends and family and chooses to keep her life under wraps.

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