The Amazing Race Season 14: Where Are The Contestants Now?

In a feat to win the trophy and prize of ‘The Amazing Race,’ eleven teams navigate grueling challenges and try to beat their competitors. Hosted by Phil Keoghan, the reality television show follows the participants in many tasks worldwide. As contestants try to one-up the other, they find their dreams to come first may not be easy to achieve. Like its predecessors, season 14 also focuses on drama, bickering, and a determined fight to the end. Years since it premiered, many wonder about the contestants’ whereabouts. So, if you’re also curious to learn more about the cast who appeared in the season, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Tammy Jih and Victor Jih Are Succeeding in Their Professional Lives

With a nine-year difference, the siblings had initially faced a lot of struggle deciding who would handle the reigns and call the shots. However, their competitive nature soon allowed them to navigate the challenges calmly and constructively. At the time, Tammy was a litigator, and Victor was a partner at a law firm. Since their days on the show, the siblings have continued to climb the ladder of success.

Victor is currently a partner in the Century City office of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, running, and exploring. As for Tammy, the reality star has assumed the role of Director at Alphabet Inc. after leaving Google. Tammy married Mark John Murray, and the couple share two children.

Jaime Edmondson and Cara Rosenthal Are Pursuing Diverse Career Paths Today

Having met each other at work, the former NFL cheerleaders became known for their bickering, resulting from an inability to communicate efficiently with people in different countries. Even so, they managed to look past the issues and came in second on the show. After leaving ‘The Amazing Race,’ Jaime and Cara were offered to become Playboy Playmates.

However, only Jaime took the offer and started working the same in 2010. A few years later, she married Major League Baseball player Evan Longoria. The couple shares three children. On the other hand, Cara continued to study law and soon became an attorney. She is currently working at the Cara Brooke Rosenthal firm in Miami. Like her former teammate, Cara is also married and has three children.

Mel and Mike White Are Advocating and Creating

Despite his old age and injuries, Mel and his son Mike crossed several hurdles on the show. While the duo came quite close to winning, they ultimately left the show without the trophy and cash prize. Nevertheless, Mel and Mike have continued to gain acclaim over the years. After years of penning down religious works, Mel came out as gay in 1994. Since then, his work for the LGBTQIA+ community has made him the subject of several important conversations. In 2008, Mel married Gary Nixon. The couple now spends time away from the spotlight with family and friends.

Similarly, Mike became the first bisexual contestant on the reality show. Renowned for his writing, acting, direction, and production, his life has continued to evolve since his days on ‘The Amazing Race.’ In 2018, Mike competed on ‘Survivor: David vs Goliath.’ He has created HBO’s ‘The White Lotus’ and worked on ‘Migration,’ and ‘Enlightened,’ among several other productions. Mike is currently based in Santa Monica with his partner Josh.

Preston McCamy and Jennifer Hopka Are Facing Life’s Challenges and Triumphs

Image Credit: Preston McCamy/Facebook

Despite their laid-down personalities, Preston and Jennifer faced issues from the get-go when they missed their train. After the duo became the first team to be eliminated from the show, they ultimately decided to also part ways. In 2013, Jennifer married Justin Wilson, and the couple welcomed their sons, Matthew and Chase.

Sadly, in February 2015, Justin died of unknown causes, leaving Jennifer and their two kids behind. After his passing, she decided to recuse herself from public light and likes to keep her affairs and life private. As for Preston, the reality star also got married and is the father of two sons. He is still climbing the ladder of success and is now working as the Global Customer Success Engineer Lead at Duck Creek Technologies.

Steve and Linda Cole Are Enjoying Family Life Now

Married for 17 years, Steve and Linda faced a few difficulties due to their age and inability to navigate and solve clues proficiently. However, the duo were equally innovative and tried to find fun in their adventure on the show. Despite getting their money and identification stolen in Guatemala, the couple continued to find their way through the chaos. Now in their sixties, the couple has since retired from their jobs and enjoys their time with their children in Virginia. The duo takes an interest in exploring new things and is engaged in activities with their family and friends.

Brad and Victoria Hunt Are Enjoying Retirement and Family Life

Even though Brad and Victoria should have supposedly faced hurdles due to their old age, the duo proved everyone wrong when they managed to curtail several obstacles during their time on the show. The pair had also applied for ‘Survivor,’ ultimately winning the selection on ‘The Amazing Race.’ Yet, a delayed flight eventually became the cause for the pair to lose out on the title and get eliminated. Nevertheless, Brad and Victoria have still achieved more milestones in their personal life. With children from their previous marriages, the two have now retired from work and spend time with family and friends, enjoying and exploring.

Amanda Blackledge and Kris Klicka Are Building a Family and Advancing Careers

In their twenties, college students Amanda and Kris had enamored many with their bright demeanor and cheerful personalities. While their physical prowess did give them an edge on the show, the duo ultimately got ousted after a twist spun them in the wrong direction. Nevertheless, they have continued creating more memories since their exit from the show.

After their stint on season 14, the two appeared on ‘The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business.’ Before they returned to the reality show for a second time, Kris had already popped the ultimate question to Amanda, and the two had gotten engaged. After leaving the show, the duo married and welcomed two children together. On the professional front, Amanda is currently the Human Resources Generalist at Canary Medical. Similarly, Kris has accelerated his career and is currently a Product Manager at Current Lighting.

Christie Volkmer and Jodie Wincheski Are Diversifying Their Careers

Beating odds consistently, friends and flight attendants Christie and Jodie efficiently used their aerial knowledge to navigate numerous airplane routes. After leaving the show, the duo branched out and explored new opportunities. Jodie became the casting producer for ‘The Amazing Race,’ and ‘Survivor.’

Jodie is also the co-founder of Casting Reality. Moreover, she is the 2Win Global Account Executive and enjoys her life with her friends, family, and dog. As for Christie, the star has since moved away from reality shows. She is currently based in Hawaii with her husband and daughter.

Mark and Michael Munoz Are Excelling in Stunts and Entertainment

Gaining an edge over others with their determination and resolve, the stuntmen brothers, Mark and Michael, quickly progressed on the show. After exiting from the show, they also appeared on ‘The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business’ and continued to work in several other productions. Mark has starred as a stunt performer in different movies and shows, including ‘Barry,’ ‘Will & Grace,’ ‘Danger Force,’ ‘Young Sheldon,’ ‘American Horror Story,’ ‘The Middle, and ‘Dr. Ken.’

Mark has explored the horizons of acting as well. Not just this, he has even worked as a horse trainer, jockey producer, director, and animal coordinator since his exit from the reality show. Michael, on the other hand, has continued his journey in entertainment as a stuntman, stand-in, and double in shows like ‘Star Trek: Enterprise,’ ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,’ ‘Home Improvement,’ and ‘The Nanny.’ He is currently based in Santa Monica and married to Marisa Munoz.

Kisha and Jen Hoffman Are Leading in Sports Analysis and Community Programs

Kisha and Jen accrued significant attention as the first African-American team of sisters to compete on the show. While the siblings did face initial doubts and communication issues, they still overcame every hurdle and came fourth on the show. After the season ended, Jen welcomed her daughter Nylah with her boyfriend, Ryan Fowler. The duo got married in 2013 and welcomed their son Logan shortly after.

Jen is currently a Sports Analyst for ESPN and the Marketing and Special Events Specialist at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana. On the other hand, Kisha became the first African-American lesbian contestant to appear on the show. The reality star has assumed the Senior Director of School and Community Programs role at the Child Mind Institute in San Francisco. On the personal front, the former reality star likes to keep her dating life concealed from the public.

Margie and Luke Adams Are Taking a Break from Reality TV Now

Margie and Luke surprised their competitors after they won the first leg. While the former’s age had been seen as an impediment, Luke’s hearing disability was also misconstrued as a disadvantage for challenges in foreign spaces. Even so, the mother-son duo proved they were ruthless when facing tasks.

After winning third place, the pair returned for ‘The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business’ and ‘The Amazing Race: All Stars.’ Now, the mother-son duo spends time with their family and have since taken a sabbatical from reality television. Margie and Luke are now based in Colorado and share memories with their spouses, family, and friends.

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