The Amazing Race Season 13: Where Are They Now?

Defying countless barriers, eleven teams navigate their way across different countries to win the title of ‘The Amazing Race.’ Marking its 13th season in 2008, the reality television show features numerous physically and mentally challenging tasks designed to test the determination and strength of contestants. Years since it first aired, fans continue to wonder about the contestants. So, if you’re also curious to find out the whereabouts of the season 13 contestants, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Where Are Nick and Starr Spangler Now?

Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Nick and Starr’s tight-knit relationship as siblings further contributed to their success, ultimately winning them the title of the winner on the show. After walking out of the show as winners, they also found success in their careers. Nick became a Broadway performer and actor and has since starred in several productions. He is an active member of the LA theatre community and consistently participates in different productions. Nick is also a Software Engineer for TodayTix Group.

The reality star married Monica Moore in 2013, and the couple welcomed their son Nate in 2015. As for Starr, she went on to date her co-contestant, Dallas Imbimbo, after the show ended. However, the duo ultimately separated due to the long distance. In 2013, Starr married Tyler Rey and gave birth to three children. After leaving her Senior Consultant position at Accenture, Starr has become Senior Manager, Global Change Programs at Meta in San Francisco.

Where Are Ken and Tina Greene Now?

Finishing 2nd on the show, Ken and Tina joined the show in an attempt to reconcile after the former’s infidelity broke their marriage. The ex-NFL player with countless wins under his belt had appeared on ‘The Amazing Race’ to show his love and devotion to Tina. When the duo arrived 2nd on the finish line, Ken bent down on one knee and asked her to give him another chance by presenting a ring.

Years later, the pair has continued to make good on their promise and are still happily married. In addition to their appearance on the show, Tina and Ken have successful ventures. Tina is the President of BioPharmMed. In addition, the two are the co-founders of Athletes Recovery. Tina also serves on the Executive Board for several charities. The couple continues to create more memories with their four children and grandchildren.

Where Are Ty White and Aja Benton Now?

The college sweethearts from the University of Michigan were in a long-distance relationship when they appeared on the show. However, the duo couldn’t help but disagree on several issues during their time on the show. After making their exit from ‘The Amazing Race,’ Ty and Aja eventually parted ways.

However, the two still managed to accrue success in their respective careers. Ty pursued his dreams of acting and has since appeared on, ‘NCIS: Los Angeles,’ ‘Greenleaf,’ ‘American Auto,’ and ‘Life of the Party: Vol II.’ He is married and has two daughters. Aja later pursued academics and graduated from Duke University and Oxford University. She is a devout believer and spends time with her family and friends. Now known as Aisha Dafina Benton, she works at Clear Media in Los Angeles.

Where Are Anita and Arthur Jones Now?

Married beekeepers and former hippies Anita and Arthur Jones were well in their sixties when they entered ‘The Amazing Race.’ Yet, the duo didn’t relent in the face of hard work as their life on the farm had prepared them to get used to long working hours and toil.

Despite their efforts, the pair failed to keep up with the rest of the cast and became the first team to be eliminated from the show. Even so, the couple has continued to work on their farm and experience the bliss of nature together. Based in Portland, in addition to farming and growing produce, Anita and Arthur are staunch activists who emerged on the streets to protest during the Black Lives Matter movement.

Where Are Anthony Marotta and Stephanie Kacandes Now?

The Los Angeles-based couple, Anthony and Stephanie, had arrived on the show to depict their competitive side and take away the prize. However, the two ultimately parted ways after exiting the show relatively early. Despite their separation, they have continued to find success individually.

Anthony had already been a real estate agent when he came to the show. The following year he established his own Whitetail Properties and has since become an important name in the Santa Monica market. The former reality star also met his wife, Jennifer, a few years later. As for Stephanie, the former saleswoman who made a cameo in ‘Legally Blonde’ has continued creating more memories with friends and family and accelerating her career.

Where are Mark Yturralde and Bill Kahler Now?

Making up for their lack of physical fitness using their navigational abilities, best friends Mark and Bill shared a pleasant dynamic on the show. After exiting the show, the duo also appeared on CBS’ ‘National Best Friend Day’ gallery. Besides, they have raised funds for breast cancer by appearing on ‘Reality Rally.’

The CFO of Comic-Con at the time, Mark, has since used his expertise to enhance the organization’s strategies, integrations, and operations. He is currently the Chief Technical Officer and a San Diego Comic-Con Convention Board of Directors member. Bill has also maintained his position in academia as an administrator of federal student aid. The duo continues to create new experiences with friends and family and share their love for games and comics online.

Where are Marisa Axelrod and Brooke Jackson Now?

Athletic and suave, the two best friends from South Carolina, Marisa and Brooke, had been termed the southern belles of the season. The duo had been students at the time of their appearance. After the season ended, Marisa and Brooke appeared on ‘Survivor: China.’

Marisa later got married to Kent Cecil and had two children. The couple is based in South Carolina, where she serves as the President of the Charles Lea Center Foundation. She is also involved in several other charity events as well. On the other hand, Brooke married Bryce Sprayberry and has two children. She went to study at Columbia and earned a degree in graphic design. Since 2010, Brooke has worked as the Senior Account Manager of Creative Worksite Solutions in South Carolina.

Where Are Kelly Crabb and Christy Cook Now?

Having been divorced, friends Kelly and Christy were a unique team with a fiery spirit who raced across six nations on the show. Still, their inability to crack clues in India led to their ultimate elimination. After they walked away from the show, Kelly and Christy continued to achieve success in their careers and created new milestones in their personal life as well.

In 2013, Kelly married Charlie Gerszewski, and the couple welcomed two children shortly after. She has since become a realtor and regularly takes to social media to gush about her children and family. Moreover, Kelly has a successful YouTube channel. Even Christy got remarried and welcomed a baby with her husband. She is currently the Vice President of East and Partner Sales at Crayon. She is an industry leader and is now based in Austin.

Where Are Terence Gerchberg and Sarah Leshner Now?

Despite their opposing lifestyle, couple Terence and Sarah had been together for a year before appearing on the show and managed to climb several obstacles efficiently throughout the challenge. Even so, their rapport fell short and led to their ultimate elimination. The pair ultimately broke up after leaving the show. Nevertheless, Terence and Sarah have remained friends and made considerable progress in their careers and personal lives.

Terence is the CEO of Steve’s Camp at Horizon Farms, an organization that empowers young leaders to develop a healthy body, heart, and mind. He is married and has three children, and still runs professionally. As for the Wharton graduate, Sarah has taught at New York University, worked as the Senior Vice President of HSBC Bank, and is currently the Managing Director of Barclays Capital. She is also married and has two children.

Where Are Toni Imbimbo and Dallas Imbimbo Now?

The persistent mom and son duo who solved challenges across eight countries and finished fourth in the season were an enamoring duo on the show. The pair were ultimately eliminated after Dallas lost his airport in the taxi in Moscow.

Since their exit from the show, Dallas has become an industry leader and has been the co-founder and director of several firms. Currently, he’s the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Alpha West Holdings. Toni is also making new strides in her retirement and spending time with her friends and family.

Where Are Andrew Lappitt and Dan Honig Now?

Fraternity brothers and alums of Arizona State University, Andrew and Dan, struggled initially due to their weak navigational skills. Nevertheless, the duo ultimately finished the race in third place. After the show ended, Andrew began a career in public policy and planning. He is currently the Principal Planner in Transportation for Middlesex County in New Jersey. Meanwhile, Dan has also created new milestones in his career but likes to keep his life under wraps.

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