The Amazing Race Season 21: Where Are The Contestants Now?

The allure of ‘The Amazing Race’ has captivated audiences for over twenty years. This Emmy Award-winning series, hosted by the charismatic Phil Keoghan, immerses teams of two in a thrilling global adventure filled with fierce competition, cultural exploration, and mind-bending challenges. Pushed to their limits both physically and mentally, contestants navigate unexpected situations. Season 21 delivered an extra dose of adrenaline, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats. As a decade has passed since that unforgettable season, fans are left wondering: where are these contestants now? Let’s embark on a journey to discover the untold stories of these intrepid participants a decade later.

Where Are Joshua Gordon “Josh” Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge Now?

‘The Beekman Boys’, Joshua Gordon “Josh” Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge captured the hearts of viewers as the Goat Farmers who emerged victorious in The Amazing Race 21. Despite having the lowest race average in The Amazing Race history, showcasing their resilience and determination, they won. Hailing from Sharon Springs, New York, Josh, national best-selling writer of ‘I Am Not Myself These Days: A Memoir’, ‘Candy Everybody Wants’ and ‘The Bucolic Plague’ with Brent, a physician and former Vice President of Healthy Living for Martha Stewart Omnimedia, now owns the world’s biggest goat-milk based skincare company, The Beekman 1802.

The advocates of kindness, Josh and Brent, have gained success, not just on the professional front but on the personal front also. First met on an anonymous AOL chat room for gay men, as reported by The New York Times, and after dating for 15 years, they have been living a happily married life for more than a decade now.

Where Are Jaymes Vaughan and James Davis Now?

Jaymes and James, a team of Chippendales singers and dancers, entered the race with the shared goal of winning the million-dollar prize to provide support for their families. These two friends showcased remarkable determination, making it to the final leg despite facing challenges and securing a hard-earned 2nd place finish. After the show, Jaymes embarked on a new journey showcasing his versatility in the entertainment industry. In 2013, he became the host of ‘Celebrity Page’ and has also appeared on a quite number of shows like I Heart Media’s ‘Pride Podcast season 1&2’, ‘Access Hollywood’ and ‘The Talk’.

Moreover, he has shown his acting skills in ‘The Plus One’, ‘Blue Call’, ‘Chocolate City: Vegas’ and ‘Babby Daddy’. His personal life also blossomed, as after a dreamy proposal in 2020, Jaymes tied the knot in 2022 with Jonathan David Bennett Aka Aaron Samuels from ‘Mean Girls.’ Jaymes is pretty active on his social media account, posting pictures of his beloved Jonathan and a cute dog, Brad. On the other hand, James Davis after the show appeared in a talk show ‘Marie’ and a short movie ‘The Countdown’ in 2015. As he has kept his life very private, it is not known if he is married or dating but his Instagram profile picture tells that he has surely found love in his life.

Where Are Trey Addison Wier and Alexis “Lexi” Beerman Now?

Trey Addison Wier and Alexis “Lexi” Beerman, known as the adventurous dating couple on ‘The Amazing Race 21’, overcame challenges with foreign travel to secure a 3rd place finish. Post-race, they got married in 2013 and have a happy family with two daughters Moxie Mae and Blaze Addison, and a son Duke Ledger. Adding entrepreneurial flair to their journey, Trey founded the clothing brand Burlebo, while Lexi, along with her sisters, co-founded Jadelynn Brooke. Their story is a blend of love, adventure, and entrepreneurial success.

Where Are Natalie Anderson and Nadiya Anderson Now?

Natalie and Nadiya Anderson, the dynamic twins born in New York City to a Tamil father and a Sinhalese mother, made a splash on The Amazing Race 21 with their vibrant energy. Despite their lively spirit, they were eliminated in 4th place. Their return to ‘The Amazing Race: All-Stars’ proved challenging, leading to an early exit. In the Survivor realm, the twins ventured into ‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’. Nadiya was the first to leave, but Natalie persevered and emerged as the Sole Survivor on Day 39. Natalie, once a CrossFit trainer, later tackled ‘The Challenge‘ in 2020-2021 but was disqualified in the middle of the show because of her sudden pregnancy.

She was shocked and excited at the same time. Sadly, her happiness didn’t last. While talking to the US magazine, Natalie revealed her heart-breaking moment of miscarriage after the show. Moving on with life through all the hardships, Natalie found his soulmate and got engaged with Devin Perez in 2021. On the other side, Nadiya, alongside her partner and the owner of ‘Connecticut Thread’, Dash, embraced motherhood joyfully, welcoming her daughters Trinity and Zoe. The couple loves their small family. The enduring bond between these twin sisters remains unbreakable, evident in their heartwarming gesture of posting for each other on their social media handles on various occasions.

Where Are Abigail “Abbie” Ginsberg and Ryan Danz Now?

Abigail “Abbie” Ginsberg and Ryan Danz, then a dating couple, left a lasting impression despite being eliminated in 5th place. Their post-race lives took unexpected yet fulfilling turns. Abbie, now a thriving interior designer and the owner of ‘Naber Design’, a San Diego-based firm, found love again and married Malik Naber. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter in 2016, and later completed their family with the arrival of a son.

On the other side of fate, Ryan found happiness in his marriage to Claire. Together, they share their love and lives with their two daughters, Vivi and Sam. Adding a touch of glamour to their story, both Abbie and Ryan appeared in episodes of HGTV’s ‘My House Is Your House.’ Despite the challenges of The Amazing Race, these former teammates found new beginnings, love, and success in unexpected places, proving that every race, be it on-screen or off, leads to remarkable destinations.

Where Are James LoMenzo and Mark “Abba” Abbattista Now?

James & Abba were a unique pair in the race, standing out from their competitors due to their independent approach. Despite their aversion to alliances, they managed to make it to the final six. However, this self-reliant attitude also came with its challenges, particularly for Abba, who had a tendency to misplace their belongings, because of which they were eliminated in 6th place. James is a seasoned professional musician, having been a band member of prominent rock groups like White Lion and the Grammy Award-winning metal band Megadeth. James has collaborated with renowned artists such as John Fogerty, David Lee Roth, Ozzy Osbourne, Slash, Zakk Wylde, and Ace Frehley.

Apart from his musical talents, James is also accomplished in photography, videography, and graphic design, contributing to advertising campaigns and publishing books for over two decades. He is happily married to Angela Lomenzo, the author of ‘Wisdom of Wildly Creative Women,’ and they have a daughter named Zoe. James’ race partner Abba, then an entertainment lawyer, now owns  Abba-Cadaver Music and Abba-Tude Entertainment. While specific details about Abba’s personal life are limited, his professional endeavors highlight his dedication to the world of music and entertainment.

Where Are Robert “Rob” French and Kelley Carrington-French Now?

Robert “Rob” French and Kelley Carrington-French, a married couple and accomplished Monster Truckers, participated as a team on The Amazing Race 21. Rob, a World Champion Monster Truck driver, and Kelley, an APRA Barrel Racing World Champion, and APRA Cowgirl Champion, brought their unique skills and personalities to the race. Despite Rob’s loud and brash demeanor, Kelley balanced their dynamic with her calm and composed nature. The couple’s individualistic approach to the race was evident as they often chose to avoid alliances with other teams.

While they excelled in various tasks, their struggles with navigation consistently placed them at the back of the pack, ultimately leading to their elimination in 7th place. Now settled in the serene countryside of Boston, Rob and Kelley French have found their heaven where their passion for trucks continues to thrive. With three children who have successfully settled into their lives, the couple revels in the joys of family, their home filled with laughter and the pitter-patter of grandchildren.

Where Are William “Will” Chiola and Gary Wojnar Now?

William “Will” Chiola and Gary Wojnar, the teachers’ duo’s journey was marked by constant struggles. Despite their status as devoted superfans, they finished in the 8th place. Outside the race, glimpses into Will Chiola’s life can be found on his vibrant Instagram account, which is brimming with energy and love. Through his posts, it becomes evident that he is deeply passionate about marathon running and cycling events. He shares his adventures with his twin brother, painting a picture of a close bond between them.

While his romantic life remains private, he offers glimpses into his daily activities on social media, giving his followers a window into his active lifestyle. In contrast, a former actor who appears in ‘Sometimes in Life’ (2008) and ‘American Virgin’ (2009), Gary Wojnar’s life has a recurring figure taking center stage – his beloved dog named Redbay. Gary’s affection for his four-legged companion is evident, showcasing his softer side. Despite his status as a family-oriented person, Gary has managed to keep the details of his family life a well-guarded secret, leaving fans curious about the identity of his loved ones.

Where Are Brittany Fletcher and Caitlin King Now?

Caitlin King, then a dedicated special education teacher, and Brittany Fletcher, then a Medical Device Sales representative, had an unbreakable bond as best friends. Despite their strong connection, the race proved to be a challenging maze of destinations, leaving them frequently lost and ultimately sealed their fate with an unfortunate elimination in the 9th place. Beyond the race, Brittany found her happily ever after in the arms of Professional Baseball Player Gordon Beckham, tying the knot on November 9, 2013.

Their love story blossomed into a beautiful family, with two adorable boys named “Jet” James and Bode. Brittany also ventured into the entrepreneurial world, carving her path as the owner of the trendy shopping platform ‘Lutzy,’ where fashion meets convenience. On the other side of the spectrum, although Caitlin has kept her life very private, stepping into the business arena, she has emerged as a successful businesswoman specializing in baby products under the brand ‘Dr. Brown’s Baby,’ showcasing her versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.

Where Are Amelia Michelle “Amy” Purdy and Daniel Andrew Gale Now?

Amy Purdy and Daniel Gale, an on-and-off dating couple, captured hearts with their determination and love. Amy, a TED speaker and snowboarder, and Daniel, the Executive Director of the Adaptive Action Sports Organization, embarked on a thrilling adventure together. However, their fate took a turn due to a series of unfortunate events, particularly with troublesome taxis, leading to their elimination in the 10th place. After the show, with prosthetic legs as her wings, Amy’s inspiring journey began in 2014 when she appeared on the 18th season of Dancing with the Stars, securing the second position alongside her partner Derek Hough.

She made a mark at the Paralympic snowboarding, winning three medals in various categories. Amy was named one of ESPNW’s ‘Impact 25’ in 2014 and recognized by Oprah’s ‘SuperSoul 100’ as a visionary and influential leader in 2016. She also has a bestselling book ‘On My Own Two Feet: From Losing My Legs to Learning the Dance of Life’ in his name. Amy’s indomitable spirit was further showcased at the 2016 Summer Paralympics’ opening ceremony, where she performed a dance routine with a surprising partner: a ‘KUKA’ robotic arm. Despite facing challenges, she returned to the dance floor in 2018 on ‘Dancing with the Stars Season 27’, captivating audiences once again.

Throughout their journey, Amy continued to break barriers, not only as a Paralympic athlete but also as an actress, appearing in ‘What’s Bugging Seth (2005)’ and serving as an assistant director in ‘Dark Place (2019).’ Amy’s love story with Daniel reached significant milestones as they got married in 2015, cementing their bond amidst their shared adventures. On the professional front, Daniel now not only owns Adaptive Action Sports but also is the General Manager at USA Skate Boarding. Seamlessly gliding between the worlds of skating and snowboarding, Daniel wears another heartwarming title, “doggo dad,” to the charming Huckleberry Gene.

Where Are Robert “Rob” Scheer and Sheila Castle Now?

Robert “Rob” Scheer and Sheila Castle, a power couple embodying the blend of lumberjack grit and marketing finesse, from Alaska were engaged and ready to conquer the race. But they faced an unexpected twist, becoming the first team to be eliminated from the race. Even after this setback, their love persevered. Although they did not have children together, Sheila, the mother of Jessica Castle, and Rob, the father of Boone Scheer exchanged vows, promising a lifetime of togetherness.

Their journey, however, was cut tragically short as on June 19, 2016, fate dealt a cruel blow, as Sheila Castle, at the age of 48, passed away unexpectedly due to an aneurysm. The world lost a vibrant soul, leaving behind memories of her strength and spirit.

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