The Amazing Race Season 9: Where Are They Now?

Created by Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster, ‘The Amazing Race’ is a CBS reality show mainly featuring teams of two. Each one of the participating groups participates in the competition to race against each other across the world using different modes of transportation and be the first ones to complete the track. The entertaining series was first released in 2001 and continues to enthrall the viewers. One of the most captivating seasons of the race was its ninth installment which aired in 2005, with its participants still receiving much love from the world. If you are curious about where your favorites from the season are these days, we have your back!

Where Are BJ Averell and Tyler MacNiven Now?

Best friends Brian Jeffrey “BJ” Averell and Tyler MacNiven were delighted to be the winners of season 9 and certainly gained much fame due to their admirable performance. The former has since seemingly worked with organizations like CBS as a Technology Reporter and, apparently, periscope live streams his content at various events like conventions. He has also appeared in different entertainment projects over the years, like his portrayal of a beer vendor in ‘Weeds.’

BJ is based in Los Angeles, California, and apparently works as a Symbologist for Harvard University. Meanwhile, Tyler is based in San Francisco, California, and serves as the CEO of Pizzeria Deluna, Co-Founder of Sun Basket, and Deputy Sheriff/Owner of West of Pecos. He is also in a happy relationship with Kelly Hennigan and is a proud father.

Where Are Eric Sanchez and Jeremy Ryan Now?

Runner-ups Eric Sanchez and Jeremy Ryan certainly went on to garner love from the public after their spectacular on-screen performance. Eric became a fan-favorite after he started dating Danielle Turner, who also took part in season 9. The couple went on to win ‘The Amazing Race’ season 11, AKA ‘The Amazing Race: All-Stars,’ but have since broken up, stating the distance as the primary reason for the same. Eric and Jeremy were apparently considered as potential participants of season 31 but ultimately were not seen in the show. As of writing, Jeremy is a Creator at Kids ‘R’ Kids Online Learning Academy, The reality TV star is happily married to Lauren Stumper Ryan and is a proud father of two.

Where Are Ray Whitty and Yolanda Brown-Moore Now?

Raymond “Ray” Whitty and Yolanda Brown-Moore took part in the show as a couple still in the dating phase but became much more after Ray’s proposed to Yolanda after the season finale had aired while on ‘The Early Show.’ The two have since gotten married and are proud parents of two children. Though it does not seem like the two are very active on social media, we are positive that the happy family is thriving.

Where Are Joseph Meadows and Monica Cayce Now?

The duo of Joseph Meadows and Monica Cayce certainly left an impression on many with their stellar on-screen performance. The Arkansas couple married on July 28, 2007, but divorced in 2013. After that, Monica married football player Brett Goode on November 1, 2014, and the two welcomed their son, Jackson, on July 8, 2015. They also have a daughter named Blakely, whom they adore very much.

Presently, Monica is based in Bentonville, Arkansas, goes by the name Monica Goode, and is a Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker for Sagely and Edwards. She is also an Associate Broker and Multi-Million Dollar Producer for Ramona Roberts Realtors. Meanwhile, Joseph is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is active in the world of music and baseball. As of writing, the reality TV star is affiliated with R5 Productions and Union Transfer.

Where Are Fran and Barry Lazarus Now?

With a marriage of over decades under their belt, Fran and Barry Lazarus appeared in the show to show the world just what they were made of. Presently based in Denver, Colorado, they seem to be doing well and have retained their love for traveling. It is not unknown for Barry to share pictures of their travels, making their fans delighted about the adventures the two continue to embark upon even today.

Where Are Lake and Michelle Garner Now?

Up next, we have Terry Lake Garner and Michelle Garner, a married couple who were also proud to be parents of three children. Following the release of the show, the former was quite sorry about his on-screen and profusely apologized to his wife of over thirteen years for the same. As of writing, the couple is based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, with Michelle especially taking an active interest in helping various animals. In October 2022, the two celebrated her birthday with much pomp in New Orleans, Louisiana, with Lake showering his wife with affection and gifts.

Where Are Dave Spiker and Lori Willems Now?

Let’s now talk about Dave Spiker and Lori Willems, the couple that had to, unfortunately, leave the show after Italy. The two did get married after their time on the show, making Lori’s dreams come true, and she has since changed her name to Lori Spiker. Presently, she does seem to be leading a fulfilling life and is always happy to spend time with those she loves, including her friends, family, and partners.

Where Are Danielle Turner and Dani Torchio Now?

Sisters Danielle Turner and Danielle “Dani” Torchio may have had a brief run in the competition, but that certainly did not stop them from becoming famous in their own right. In fact, the former even took part in ‘The Amazing Race’ season 11, AKA ‘The Amazing Race: All-Stars,’ with Eric Sanchez, who she had started dating during her time on the show. Thorugh the couple won the competition, they have since revealed that they had broken up even before the start of season 11 due to the distance, though they continue to remain friends.

Now known as Danielle Stout, the reality TV star is happily married to Christopher Stout and is a mother to three children. As for her professional life, she is the mind behind Jolie Luxury Hair Extensions and is immensely proud of her work. On the other hand, Dani now uses Heal as her last name and is based in Colts Neck, New Jersey. She is happily married and is a proud mother of four children.

Where Are Wanda Lopez-Rochford and Desiree Cifre Now?

Wanda Lopez-Rochford and Desiree Cifre are a mother-daughter duo who appeared in the ninth season of the CBS show are participants. Since then, Desiree has gotten married and is a proud mother of two. She is also quite successful as a writer for different video games and is presently contracted by DON’T NOD Montréal for an unannounced game. She also freelances as a Game Writer, Narrative Designer, and Localization Editor. Meanwhile, Wanda seems to be living her best life and simply adores her two dogs.

Where Are Lisa Hinds and Joni Glaze Now?

Lisa Hinds and Joni Glaze were another pair of sisters to take part in season 9. Though they were eliminated after Brazil, their happy personalities made them beloved among the viewers. Unfortunately, the beautiful Lisa passed away on August 22, 2017, following a battle with cancer. As for writing, it seems like Joni works as a Credit and Collections Supervisor for John Crane in Chicago, Illinois, having been with the organization since November 2017, though she obtained her current position in March 2023.

Where Are John Lowe and Scott Braginton-Smith Now?

The duo of John Lowe and Scott Braginton-Smith may have been the first to be eliminated from season 9, but that did not stop them from creating an impression on the viewers. The two friends seem to prefer to keep the details of their personal life private but are certainly happy to have taken part in the CBS series. We wish them the very best in their lives and hope they have a wonderful future ahead.

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