The Big Door Prize Episode 7 Recap: Giorgio

Developed by David West Read, the Apple TV+ series ‘The Big Door Prize’ is a unique television experience. The surreal humor prevalent in the series is rooted in optimism. And even though the show has a science fiction element, it is consciously kept at the bare minimum, so it can’t overwhelm the plot. Episode 7 revolves around Giorgio (Josh Segarra). Giorgio is inherently caricaturish as a character, and while the series underscores that, it is more concerned about his humanity. In this episode, Giorgio continues to pursue the unreciprocated love, Cass (Gabrielle Dennis) hosts a charity event for youths with life potential, and Dusty (Chris O’Dowd) smokes weed with Jacob (Sammy Fourlas). Here is everything you might want to know about the ending of ‘The Big Door Prize’ episode 7. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Big Door Prize Episode 7 Recap

The episode opens with Hana (Ally Maki), the local bartender and one of the new arrivals in Deerfield, in Girogio’s bed. The viewers know it’s Giorgio’s bed because of a pillow with a big “G” printed on it and the bobblehead doll on the night table representing Giorgio’s hockey days. Even though she just slept with the man, Hana has no desire to spend extra few moments with Giorgio and promptly leaves when he asks who they are to each other, indicating they have done this a few times. Now, all alone again, Giorgio lets his lonely and depressed self emerge from the egotistical and boisterous cocoon he has built around himself.

The following morning, Giorgio prepares his staff for Cass’ charity event that evening. Having gotten a few blank cards from Jacob, Trina (Djouliet Amara) has printed various professions on them — from potter to gondolier. The latter comes into play on this occasion as she convinces Giorgio to give her that job in his Italian-themed restaurant.

It’s not that Giorgio has ever been to Italy. He is not even of Italian descent. His stepfather, the man who raised him, was an Italian, and Giorgio’s embracement of that culture stems from his loving relationship with the man. While Trina secures her gondolier position, her parents prepare for the party. Cass puts on a clearly uncomfortable but beautiful blue dress, courtesy of a local woman whose Morpho card has apparently said Fashion Designer. Dusty’s intention to wear all burgundy attire to the party earns him some reproof from his wife and her best friend. He plans to get his money’s worth by drinking enough wine, but Cass convinces him to change.

When they arrive at the venue, Giorgio sends Dusty with one of his employees to get more ice. However, when they arrive at Mr. Johnson’s store, Jacob reveals that the ice has already been sent to Giorgio’s restaurant, making Dusty realize that Giorgio has duped him on Cass’ big night so he (Giorgio) can spend time with her. Frustrated, Dusty spends the evening smoking weed with the two young men, regretting how ungrateful of a husband he has been.

As no one is willing to pay more for the charity beyond the $100 tickets they already purchased, Cass’ event goes horribly until Giorgio steps up and sells off most of his stuff. Afterward, there is a moment between Giorgio and Cass, and they nearly kiss, but Trina takes her mother home. Giorgio calls Cass to talk about what almost happened, but she shuts him off quickly, leaving him alone in his world once more.

The Big Door Prize Episode 7 Ending: Why Does Izzy Try to Destroy the Morpho Machine?

A part of the narrative of ‘The Big Door Prize’ is devoted to dissatisfaction. All the characters in the show are dissatisfied with how their lives have turned out to be, and that’s why the Morpho cards are so popular. For most people, the cards confirm their deep-seated belief that they were meant for better things in life.

This is particularly true for Izzy (Crystal R. Fox). She not only dislikes her current life, even though she is the mayor of Deerfield, but also blames her daughter Cass for all the misfortunes. When no one seems to be interested in donating at the event, Izzy gleefully points it out to Cass, taking pleasure in her daughter’s misery and once more claiming that she left her career as a dancer for Izzy. This prompts Cass to lash out at her mother and remind her she was a backup dancer.

Izzy’s anger and frustration take shape from there and manifest when she takes a baseball bat and goes to Mr. Johnson’s shop to destroy the Morpho machine. Fortunately, Jacob is there to stop her. We will see a more in-depth exploration of Izzy’s character in the coming episode, which revolves around her.

Why is Reuben Jealous?

As we have learned, Reuben became a priest because of a false presumption. Since he received the Father card, he has been seriously questioning various aspects of his life, including his commitment to the church. Perhaps, with Hana’s entry into his life, a part of him has begun to wonder whether he can have another chance at happiness.

However, learning that Hana slept with Giorgio on the evening they danced together evidently fills him with jealousy, making him feel constrained by his clerical collar. There are big decisions ahead of Reuben. He chose faith in the past because he thought the universe had sent him a sign. It was only after he got the most recent Morpho card that he realized that the previous card, which said Priest, was meant for someone else.

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