Big Flower Fight Season 1: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Following their appearance on ‘The Big Flower Fight’ in May 2020 on Netflix, the contestants have taken various paths in the floral design and related industries. Some have successfully launched their floral businesses, creating unique arrangements for clients. Others have collaborated with renowned florists, contributing to high-profile events and weddings. The exposure gained from the show has opened doors for them, leading to collaborations with prestigious floral networks and events. The contestants continue to thrive in their diverse careers within the dynamic world of floral design.

Henck Roling and Yan Skates Have Ventured Into the Digital Business

Henck Roling and Yan Skates have been longtime friends with impressive careers in the arts. Henck now has a dedicated website showcasing his diverse talents, including painting, drawing, and music creation. He runs an online shop featuring his artwork and serves as one of the hosts of the annual Kew Garden Orchid Festival. Henck’s photo from the festival was selected for inclusion in the Portrait of Britain book, earning him recognition as one of the 100 winning portrait photos in 2022. Both Henck and Yan have been invited to be educators at the Intrigued Experience Conference.

Yan Skates, the director of Bespoke Flowers, collaborated with other artists, such as the Hannah Shillito x Yan Skates Collection in 2022. He showcased his giant floral sculptures on social media and now runs a successful YouTube channel. He also hosted the Strawberry Hill Flower Festival and attended the World Cup Interflora in 2023. Henck’s husband, Sean, continues to be a source of happiness.

Ralph Kernott and Jim Kernott Attended The Intrigued Experience 2023

Ralph Kernott and his son Jim Kernott have continued to make a mark in the florist industry. In June 2021, Jim graduated from the University of Brighton in 3D design and craft and gained attention for his mental health-themed graduate project featuring a spike chair and spider table. After working as a Workshop Assistant at West End and a Carpenter Assistant for Littlejohn Bespoke, Jim currently freelances in the events sector, contributing to creating various products and sets. Though not active on social media, Ralph remains a florist, and fans can catch glimpses of his work through his son’s profile. The Kernott duo also attended the Intrigued Experience 2023 together.

Sarah Campbell and Jordan Marx Hosted The Gather: Virtual Tulip Festival

Sarah Campbell and Jordan Marx, friends from Maryland, expressed their enjoyment of working with the cast in an interview with The Florist Review. Campbell, the founder of the Intrigued Experience Conference, owns Intrigue Designs and Intrigue Teaches. She is also a luxury wedding florist and served as a judge for The Flower Fest 2021, benefiting St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Both Sarah and Jordan appeared on The Flower podcast and hosted the Gather: Virtual Tulip Festival in 2021. Jordan Marx has been traveling extensively for both work and leisure, exploring places like Los Angeles and Phoenix.

Andi Strachan Attended the London Color Walk and Helen Lockwood Now Shows Interest in Ukulele

Andi Strachan and Helen Lockwood, best friends who also share a bungalow, have pursued diverse interests since the show. Helen is the Co-Owner of Sustainable Gardening Services, while Andi serves as the Head Gardener for Yeo Valley. Andi attended the London Color Walk in 2022 with fellow contestants.

Aside from her gardening work, Helen has taken up playing the ukulele, painting, and photography. She attended Glastonbury in 2022 and launched an Etsy shop called Sea Fret Art, showcasing her paintings inspired by the sea. Both friends continue to collaborate and support each other’s endeavors.

Andrew Whittle is Associated With Beach Guardian while Ryan Lanji Hosts an Interview Series

The winning duo, Andrew Whittle and Ryan Lanji, are no longer in a relationship. The former couple is no longer together. After the show, Andrew collaborated with Beach Guardians to repurpose waste for the sea episode, creating a whale structure that was later gifted to the organization for permanent installation in their communal meadow. He is also associated with the Beach Guardian and Trevisker Community Meadow, launching a social enterprise for art from waste materials for COP 26.

Ryan Lanji continues his career as a DJ, hosting Hungama events in East London, and serving as an ambassador for brands. He hosted the BBC 3 series ‘The Big Proud Party Agency’ in 2022 and also runs a YouTube channel interview series called ‘Those Other Queens.’ He has been on many other shows including ‘Glow Up‘ season 2 and is now the official party planner for ‘Drag Race’ UK finale. Ryan has also found love in his life and is currently dating Drew Demetry.

Monet Martin and Stephanie Lovell Continue to Collaborate on Various Events

Monet Martin and Stephanie Lovell, the youngest contestants on the show, have continued to thrive in the world of floral design. Monet, now operating as Surrey & Hampshire Luxury Wedding Floral Designer under the brand Monet’s Floristry, manages her business from a purpose-built studio in Hampshire. She conducts workshops and showcases her floral creations on Instagram, where followers can see her work and her adorable dog, Maple.

Stephanie Lovell is the owner of Steph Lovell Flowers and is based in Surrey. She has been recognized as the ‘Best Florist in Surrey 2021’ by Muddy Stilettos. She established her studio named Angel Studio in Farnham, Surrey, expanding her business to include workshops, open days, and consultations. Despite having different businesses, Monet and Stephanie continue to collaborate on various events.

Nick Cutsumpus Serves as an Advisor to Lettuce Grow and Taylor Morgan Has Ventured Into Modelling

Nick Cutsumpas and Taylor Morgan, who met online, have pursued eco-friendly endeavors since their time on the show. Nick, the founder of Farmer Nick, describes himself as a “plantrepreneur” with a passion for green living. He is committed to leaving the earth greener as a plant coach, award-winning landscape designer, and environmentalist. He serves as an advisor to Lettuce Grow, hosts a vegan trip with The Getaway Co, and has hosted the Netflix show ‘Instant Dream Home.’ Nick is also an author, having written ‘Plant Coach: The Beginner’s Guide to Caring for the Plants and Planets.’ He resides in Los Angeles, where he volunteers as a master gardener and explores regenerative-focused techniques.

Taylor Morgan, a plant consultant, owns a botanical garden and frequently shares her green ventures on social media. She organized the Plantydrop Plants Sale and modeled for Dylan Underwear. He also enjoyed a trip to Miami with friends, after the filming ended.

Raymond Gordon Still Creates Art With Flowers, while Chanelle Edwards Started Her Fashion Line

Raymond Gordon and Chanelle Edwards, who share a love for flowers and music, have taken different paths since their time on the show. Raymond, the former managing director of Sunflowers florist, has transitioned to becoming an event florist specializing in weddings, corporate, and hotel designs. In mid-2020, the Managing Director of Sunflowers Florist was featured in Flower Market’s Faces Behind Flowers interview series.

Chanelle, on the other hand, started her Master of Fashion line, Inoir. In 2021, she took a leap of faith and went through a hair transplant which brought refreshing energy to her life. She welcomed a baby boy in 2022 and appeared on BBC Player discussing postpartum with her newborn. In September 2023, she excitedly shared the news of the birth of a baby girl with her fans.

Declan Cooney is the Owner of Land Arc and Eoghan Riordan Fernandez Specializes in Vertical Gardens

Declan Cooney and Eoghan Riordan Fernandez, college mates on the show, have pursued successful careers in horticulture and design. Declan is the owner of Land Arc, a Landscape Design and Management practice with over 10 years of experience. Eoghan, an architectural designer at Sequoia Design and Build, specializes in vertical gardens. He is often seen enjoying nature around parks and beaches, engaging in carpentry, and had his work featured in Great House Revival.

Rachel Dutch is Going to be a Goldsmith, While Delilah Dominguez is Working Her Magic With Stolen Magnolia

Rachel Dutch and Delilah Dominguez, friends who met at work, have ventured into diverse creative fields. Looks like Rachel has changed her passion and in 2020, she started studying at Goldsmiths, University of London. On the other hand, Delilah remains the owner and lead Floral Designer of Stolen Magnolia in Brooklyn, New York. Stolen Magnolia serves as a floral design studio and retail space specializing in event design, including weddings and engagement parties. Delilah’s social media is filled with stunning floral designs, and she worked her magic with flowers at the Puma New York Flagship for the launch of the L.A. Love Story Collection.

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