The Blind is Based on the Life of Phil Robertson. Here’s the Full Story.

‘The Blind’ delves into the life of Phil Robertson and offers a glimpse into his journey before achieving success as an entrepreneur and founding Duck Commander. The film aims to shed light on the challenges and hardships faced by the Robertson family as they navigated their path to success. It showcases the journey to success and the cost at which such success comes to those who chase after it.

Directed by Andrew Hyatt, the film is likely to captivate fans of the popular show ‘Duck Dynasty,’ which showcases the Robertson family as they manage their business and navigate life’s challenges. The film features exceptional performances from its cast which includes Aron von Andrian, Amelia Eve, and Matthew Erick White. Given the family’s prominence in the reality TV world, it’s understandable that viewers might wonder if the film is based on true events from their lives or if it has been fictionalized to fit a specific narrative. If you’re curious about the authenticity of the film and how closely it aligns with the Robertson family’s real-life experiences, we can provide you with the answers you seek.

The Blind’s True Story

As you might have heard, ‘The Blind’ is based on a true story. Set in 1960s Louisiana, the film delves into the early years of the Robertson family, with a particular focus on the life of Phil Robertson. It narrates the genuine events of his life and the numerous challenges he had to overcome to achieve the success he enjoys today. Written by Andrew Hyatt and Stephanie Katz, the film also highlights the marriage between Phil and Kay, showcasing a period in their lives when the couple faced significant hardships and had to work diligently to keep their family afloat. These trials ultimately contributed to the building of the Robertson family empire which stands as a testament to their resilience.

Phil Robertson was born in Vivian, Louisiana, into a family of modest means and grew up alongside six siblings. The Robertson family lived in rather challenging conditions during those years. Phil’s athletic prowess, particularly in sports like football, baseball, and track, opened up an opportunity for him to attend Louisiana Tech University in Ruston on a football scholarship during the late 1960s, where he played ahead of Terry Bradshaw. It appeared that he was on track for a potential football career, even having the opportunity to play professionally for the Washington Redskins. However, Phil’s true passion lay in hunting, and he ultimately declined the offer because of his strong preference for hunting over football. Robertson went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in physical education and later pursued a master’s degree in education.

Phil and Kay Robertson’s relationship began when they met in 1964 during Phil’s high school years. While Phil came from a family that had limited means, Kay came from a family of opulence. Against all adversity, they decided to tie the knot in 1966, a time when Kay was just 16 years old. Phil initially pursued a career as a teacher but eventually transitioned into becoming a commercial fisherman. However, this period of his life was marked by struggles, particularly with alcoholism. By 1975, he was even running a bar. During this challenging phase, their marriage faced severe strain and was on the brink of collapse. Fortunately, Phil found a path to turn his life around, and it involved embracing God and Christianity.

In a recent Instagram post, Phil wrote, “It’s embarrassing to think back to who I was for the first 10 years of my life with Miss Kay. She’s the best friend a man could have aside from Jesus, and I love her. We never imagined they’d make a movie about our lives, but now we’re about to see “The Blind” on the big screen. Our prayer is that people will see it and know there’s hope. It’s never too late to be saved.”

In 1972, Phil Robertson had amassed considerable experience in duck hunting but was discontented with the duck calls available at the time. This dissatisfaction prompted him to start experimenting with creating his duck calls to replicate the sounds made by ducks. By the end of that year, he successfully invented his first Duck Commander duck call and subsequently obtained a patent for it. The company Duck Commander was officially incorporated in 1973. However, it was only after Phil’s personal transformation and commitment to his faith that he focused on building the company into the multimillion-dollar conglomerate it has become today.

Aron von Andrian’s exceptional performance as Phil Robertson, coupled with the involvement of close family and friends in the film’s production, adds to the authenticity and depth of the storytelling. The film benefits from the insights and contributions of individuals like Zach Dasher, a nephew of Phil Robertson and one of the producers, as well as Willie Robertson, Phil and Kay’s son, who serves as an executive producer. In an interview, Willie said, “It’s powerful. It’s real. It’s, in some ways, was hard to watch for us. It’s hard to go back and highlight the darkest point of your life. I’m sure from my parents, that was the tough part.”

The film portrays a powerful message of redemption and the transformative power of forgiveness, emphasizing the importance of moving forward and not defining oneself solely by past actions. The true story of Phil Robertson, which is the story of a man who overcame adversity, found faith, and built an enduring legacy, instills in us the idea that there is always a way forward even though it does not seem likely. Through its characters and compelling storyline, the film explores the beauty and success that can be found in the journey of personal growth and renewal.

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