The Buccaneers Season 1 Finale Ending, Explained: Why Does Nan Marry Theo?

After a season full of champagnes, parties, falling in love and facing heartbreaks, the protagonists of Apple TV+’s ‘The Buccaneers’ find themselves facing an uncertain future at the end. The last episode delivers a much-awaited “will they, won’t they,” but as was already stated at the beginning of the story, “I do” is just the beginning. There’s a lot in store for Nan and her friends, all of whose lives are changed forever as they try to figure out what’s the best thing for them. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Buccaneers Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

After things get tense between Nan and Theo in the past episode, she reconsiders her feelings towards the marriage with Theo, who also asks her to be honest, lest she make a fool of him in front of the entire world. Theo’s mother also has a conversation with Nan about why it’s utterly important that she not back out of the marriage now, but despite all her doubts when Guy walks into her room the night before her wedding and asks her to run away with him, she says yes.

Jinny feels even more claustrophobic in her marriage with James, who becomes more abusive by the day. When he discovers that Jinny is keeping her pregnancy a secret from him, he slaps her. While Jinny has made peace with suffering at his hands, she doesn’t want the same fate for her child and tries to find a way to leave James. Meanwhile, Mabel comes out to her sister and breaks off her wedding with Miles when she discovers that their lavender marriage wouldn’t be as ideal as she believed.

Conchita, on the other hand, is happy when Richard finally stands up to his parents and declares that he will be leaving them, even when his wife tells him that her father lost his money, which means they will have no financial support to fall back on. But then Richard receives shocking news that just might lead him to break his promise to his wife.

The Buccaneers Season 1 Episode 10 Ending: Why Didn’t Nan Go With Guy and Jinny?

Nan had always been the one to follow her heart. She was never the one who bowed down to anyone’s expectations of her, which is why it was believed that she would ditch Theo at the altar and run away with Guy. But, in the end, the stakes get bigger, and Nan has to make a choice between herself and her sister.

When Nan discovers that James is abusing Jinny, she makes it her mission to save her sister at any cost. They both know that there will be no escape from James. Even if she goes back to New York, Jinny can’t escape from James because he is her husband and has every right to drag her back to England, where he is a Lord and, hence, much more influential. The only way that Nan can protect her sister is by gaining more power and influence than James, and she can only get that by marrying Theo and becoming a Duchess.

Jinny running away from her husband while pregnant does not work in her favor. The system is in favor of James, which means that he can have Jinny chased around, especially because of his claim on the child. For her, things can go only two ways. Either, she goes back to James and sees her child grow up in his shadow of abuse. Or, she has her child taken away from her, her reputation permanently stained, and still be unable to protect her child from James. The only third option where Jinny can have some backing to turn things in her favor is if someone like the Duchess of Tintagel is on her side.

What Happens to Guy and Jinny?

When Guy sneaks into Nan’s room, he talks about his plans to leave for Brazil and then travel to all the places he’d been meaning to all this while. He offers her to come with him, which means that he is prepared with two tickets to wherever he is going next. This means that there is no place for a third person in his plans, which becomes a bittersweet thing for Nan the next day when she watches Guy leave with Jinny. Sadly, she had no other choice.

Nan knew that she needed to get Jinny out of James’ hold to save her. Considering how close an eye he kept on Jinny and how they were supposed to move to Scotland forever after the wedding, the window to save Jinny was small, and the options were slim. The only time that they could have Jinny away from James long enough for her to run away was when the bridesmaids walked down the aisle. The girls use this opportunity to sneak Jinny away, and after a tearful goodbye, Guy and Jinny depart. But where do they go?

Considering that Guy already had a plan in motion for Brazil, one would suspect that that’s where they are going. It would be far enough from James, and Jinny would be safe. But then, neither she nor Guy would be happy about leaving Nan behind. Moreover, when Theo’s mother explains the reason behind Nan choosing to marry Theo to Nan’s mother, she mentions that Nan is doing all this to protect her sister in society. This means that Nan means to have Jinny back with her and the girls without her having to fear James, and she just needs some time to figure out how to do that.

With all this in mind, we can say that despite whatever their plans may have been, Guy and Jinny are not going to be far from home, certainly not Brazil. Because Theo’s mother is in on the plan (considering this is the deal she made with Nan to go through with the wedding), we assume that she would have given Guy and Jinny access to some place safer where they can hide out until things turn out in Jinny’s favor, and somewhere Nan can visit her sister without alarming James.

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