The Burial: All the Places Where the Legal Drama Film Was Shot

Based on a New Yorker report of 1999 that covers the case of a bankrupt Mississipi-based funeral parlor owner, Jeremiah O’Keefe, ‘The Burial’ is a legal drama held together by Jamie Foxx, who essays the role of the lawyer Willie E. Gary. Helmed by Maggie Betts, it dramatizes the legal battle between a man fighting for the right to a legacy for his family and Ray Loewen, who represents a large corporation that wants to acquire his funeral homes. When things seem to be going south for O’Keefe, he hires Gary to help him fight for his life’s work.

Gary is confident, charismatic, and determined to help O’Keefe expose the corporate corruption. Faced with a worthy and relentless opponent who is much more qualified than Gary, he must find a way to turn this case in his favor. The movie also explores racial injustices and manages to keep the plot funny yet memorable. Other actors who give powerful performances include Jurnee Smollett, Tommy Lee Jones, Mamoudou Athie, and Bill Camp. Beyond the performances and the intriguing storyline, our eyes are bound to wander off to the stunning backdrops, too.

The Burial Filming Locations

‘The Burial’ was filmed entirely in New Orleans, Louisiana. While Betts started scouting for locations and burial grounds as early as November 2021, principal photography for the film began on March 3, 2022, and wrapped up after nearly two months, on April 28, 2022. Meanwhile, another notice from the production company, Double Nickel Entertainment in New York, revealed that the filming was originally supposed to start on February 28 in New Orleans. While that’s everything about the filming, let’s dig into the specific locations where the courtroom drama was shot!

New Orleans, Louisiana

Although set in Jackson, Mississippi, ‘The Burial’ was shot entirely in different locations in New Orleans in Louisiana. Often referred to as the “Hollywood of the South,” many filmmakers prefer to shoot in New Orleans because of the production facilities, picturesque locations and the historic landmarks it is home to. The director reportedly spent four months on location, from building sets and scouting locations to wrapping up the shooting. Midway through the shoot, towards the end of March 2022, Betts also shared her experience working with the team and capturing shots of the location with a drone.

While filming for the project, the cast and crew were spotted in and around New Orleans. A few sequences were shot at Virgin Hotels New Orleans, 550 Baronne Street. In their downtime, the actors and technicians enjoyed the relaxing services and hospitality provided by the 4-star hotel. The decision to film entirely in New Orleans was taken much earlier, with the Mississippi Film Office also confirming earlier that Foxx would not visit Jackson for the shooting, but some shots of the exteriors could be taken for the film.

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