Hallmark Orders The Chicken Sisters Adaptation; Starts Filming in May in Vancouver

Image Credit: The Pell Center/YouTube

Hallmark Channel has ordered the television adaptation of K.J. Dell’Antonia’s novel ‘The Chicken Sisters.’ The filming of the limited series is set to commence in May in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Image Credit: Family Action Network/YouTube

Set in the small town of Merinac, Kansas, the limited series revolves around Chicken Mimi’s and Chicken Frannie’s, exploring their century-long rivalry as they vie for the title of serving the tastiest fried chicken in the state. This legendary feud between the Moores and the Pogociellos, the owners of the respective establishments, deeply affects thirty-five-year-old widow Amanda Moore. Having initially worked at Mimi’s under her mother’s guidance, Amanda stirred controversy by marrying Frank Pogociello and joining Frannie’s team. Seeking an escape from the ongoing conflict, Amanda turns to Food Wars, a reality TV restaurant competition promising a $100,000 prize.

As the narrative progresses, Amanda’s plea not only thrusts both families into the spotlight but also adds fuel to the flames of long-buried animosities. Meanwhile, Amanda’s sister Mae Moore, a Brooklyn-based organizational guru, reluctantly returns to Kansas to revive Mimi’s fading reputation on Food Wars. As the competition unfolds, family secrets unravel, forcing the sisters to confront a pivotal choice: clash against each other or stand together in defense of their shared heritage.

Dell’Antonia’s novel was originally published in 2020. The book achieved acclaim as an instant New York Times bestseller and was selected as a pick for Reese’s Book Club. The author previously worked as the editor of Motherlode and presently serves as a contributor to The New York Times. She has written several renowned books, including ‘Playing the Witch Card’ and ‘In Her Boots.’ We are yet to know whether the writer will be a part of the writing team of the series. The cast and crew of the project are currently under wraps.

While the narrative is rooted in Kansas, the filming of this project is set to take place in Vancouver. The region has previously hosted the shooting of notable productions such as ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender‘ and ‘Tracker.’

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