The Chosen Renewed For Season 5; Filming Begins Later This Month

‘The Chosen’ has officially been renewed for a fifth season. The filming of the installment is set to commence later this month in Midlothian, Texas, and Goshen, Utah. Dallas Jenkins, who created the series, continues to pen and direct the show, with Ryan Swanson, Tyler Thompson, and Mark Sourian on board as writers. The renewal comes ahead of the streaming debut of the fourth season, which premiered in theaters last month.

The season 4 finale begins with a Davidic flashback that leads the viewers to the significance of the Passover meal. Meanwhile, Veronica and Jesse advocate for Jesus’ miracles outside the Temple, stirring anticipation among the crowd. As the episode progresses, it delves into the political intrigue surrounding Pilate, Herod, and the Sanhedrin, each grappling with their own agendas and fears. Mary of Bethany’s poignant gesture of anointing Jesus’ feet foreshadows the impending events. Amidst these tensions, Shmuel and Yussif seek to understand Jesus’ mission, while Judas navigates his own conflicting loyalties. The disciples, including Matthew, Simon Z, and Atticus, prepare for Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, symbolized by the procurement of a donkey. Finally, as Jesus embarks on this fateful journey, his disciples pledge their unwavering loyalty, setting the stage for the transformative events to come.

While the potential narrative trajectory of ‘The Chosen’ remains uncertain, its biblical foundation offers insights into what may unfold. The fourth season introduces heightened political tensions as Jesus’ teachings challenge established norms, foreshadowing his eventual demise. In the fifth installment, Jesus is anticipated to persist in spreading his message despite mounting opposition. With creator Dallas Jenkins envisioning a seven-season arc, season 5 is expected to intensify conflicts present in the lives of Jesus and his followers.

The Cinemaholic can also confirm that Jonathan Roumie will return to the fifth installment to continue portraying Jesus, alongside his twelve disciples. Elizabeth Tabish as Mary Magdalene, Shahar Isaac as Simon, George Xanthis as John, Luke Dimyan as Judas, and Paras Patel as Matthew are will also feature in the upcoming season. Additionally, the returnees will include Jordan Walker Ross as Little James, Abe Martel as Big James, Noah James as Andrew, Joey Vahedi as Thomas, Giavani Cairo as Thaddeus, Yoshi Barrigas as Philip, Alaa Zafi as Simon the Zealot, and Austin Reed Alleman as Nathanael.

Despite releasing in theaters, the fourth season of the series is yet to premiere for streaming. “We cannot release season 4 to streaming now. And there will be a delay longer than we anticipated and hoped for. There are some legal matters that we are dealing with right now that are hopefully being resolved,” Jenkins said in a Facebook livestream. “The goal is to have them resolved so that we can, long-term and short-term, better serve you, ensure the show remains free forever and gets to over a billion people, and also allows us to be sustainable forever,” he added. However, the installment is returning to theaters for a three-day run between March 28 and March 30.

Midlothian, a recurring location in previous seasons of the show, was also featured in ‘The Last Possession.’ Meanwhile, Goshen previously hosted the shooting of productions such as ‘The Shade Shepherd’ and ‘Moondance.’

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