The Devil is a Part Timer Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: The Devil and the Hero Inconceivably Become Parents

In the second episode of ‘The Devil is a Part-Timer!’ or ‘Hataraku Maou-sama!!’ season 2, titled ‘The Devil and the Hero Inconceivably Become Parents,’ Maou and his friends begin to take care of Alas Ramus who is adamant that Satan and Emi are her parents. Since Chiho wants to provide Maou with all the possible help that she can, she visits his apartment with all kinds of child-care products. Meanwhile, Emi is still trying to come to terms with the awkward scenario and the fact that she will have to co-parent someone with her arch-enemy.

Alas Ramus Claims That Emi and Satan Are Her Parents

After taking Alas Ramus into the apartment, Maou and others begin to discuss what the right course forward should be for them. Although Emi is reluctant to accept her as her daughter, Ramus continues to cling to her and calls her mama. Despite her internal resistance, Emi chooses to give her some reassurance by hugging her tightly. While she is torn about the future, Maou and others come up with ideas to look after her. Chiho is excited to contribute as much as possible.

The following day, when Maou is busy working at MgRonald’s, Chiho goes to his apartment. She finds Ashiya there, who tells her how much he and others struggled to calm Ramus down when she started crying. While Ramus is fast asleep, Chiho hands over diapers, tissues, toothbrushes, and other child-care products to Ashiya. Suzuno also visits the apartment soon afterward, but before they all can sit down and discuss anything, Ramus suddenly wakes up and starts crying.

She starts constantly asking for Satan who is busy working at MgRonald’s. As Ramus cries, Chiho tries to cheer her up by reassuring her that Maou will be home soon. Then Ashiya, Chiho, and Suzuno introduce themselves to her and make her comfortable. Meanwhile, Emi is still torn about co-parenting Ramus with her arch-enemy. She thinks about it while working at her office and even mentions it to one of her colleagues.

Later that day, Chiho and Suzuno take Ramus outside, hoping that it will make her feel better. They eventually come across MgRonald and decide to let Ramus meet Maou since she has been crying for him after she woke up. However, Maou is not happy to see her there as he worries about his colleague’s reaction. When Mayumi hears Ramus call Maou papa, she asks his colleague for an explanation.

Later in the backroom after learning about the whole scenario, she argues that Chiho getting so involved in raising would not look good. Since she is quite young, people will most likely start rumors about them, which is an understandable fear. However, he praises the duo for listening patiently to her concerns.

Later when Maou and Chiho are alone, the former asks the latter for help. He argues that he has been enemies with Emi for quite some time, so co-parenting with her is naturally going to be tough. Therefore, he asks Chiho for support since she is the only one he could trust. Chiho is thrilled and agrees to offer all the help that he needs. The following day, Maou takes Ramus day out with Emi, while their friends secretly follow them.

Where Did Alas Ramus Come From?

About three decades ago, a dangerous demon went rogue and destroyed a young Satan’s entire tribe. In all the chaos and bloodshed, Satan was pushed to the brink of death and would have certainly passed away if not for Emilia’s mother Lailah’s timely help. She managed to rescue Satan and even took care of him when he was recovering. It was during this time that both of them got to know each other and Lailah shared a lot of her wisdom with him.

She gifted him a purple crescent-shaped crystal before they said goodbye to each other. In the following centuries, Satan keeping the lessons of the past in his mind managed to become the Demon Lord. He used the wisdom imparted by Lailah to his advantage and successfully reunited the entire demon race under him.

Meanwhile, he had planted the crescent-shaped purple crystal in his garden inside the castle not knowing that it was actually a Yesod fragment. It later grew into a tree and Satan never truly understood or care to learn its true nature. However, he could not have imagined that from that crystal one day, Alas Ramus will be born and claim to be his daughter. In fact, Alas Ramus is actually a fragment of Yesod herself but there are still secrets about his origins that are yet to be revealed.

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