The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: The Devil Is at Sea After Losing His Home and His Job

In the fifth episode of ‘The Devil is a Part-Timer!’ or ‘Hataraku Maou-sama!!’ season 2, titled ‘The Devil Is at Sea After Losing His Home and His Job,’ Maou is shocked to learn that he is about to lose his job, while he will also have to vacate his room for a few days because of repair work. Luckily, he gets just the right opportunity to save himself from homelessness, when he learns about a job at a beach house.

Maou Learns That He May Lost His Job

At MgRonald’s, Maou learns about an urgent meeting organized by Mrs. Kisaski from Chiho. When everyone is there, she reveals that the restaurant will be closed down for renovation work till mid-August. Maou, who is already financially struggling and has no backup plan is shocked by the news. When he returns home, he finds Suzune packing bags. That’s when he first hears about the repair work.

As he enters his apartment, Ashiya tells him about a package from the landlord that he received two weeks ago. When they finally open the box, Maou and his friends find a DVD inside. Unfortunately, they do not have a player to listen to what the landlord has to say. Chiho then offers to take them to her apartment where they can play the DVD. Since they don’t have any other option, Maou decides to go accompanied by Emi.

When they finally manage to play the DVD, they find the landlord telling Maou about the repair work at the house for which he will have to vacate his room for a few days. Maou immediately begins to worry about getting homeless, but his landlord further explains that she knows just the right place for him to stay. Her niece has a beach house in Choshi and she is looking for people who can help her business. At the end of the video message, she even gives her niece’s number so that Maou can get in touch with her.

Chiho’s mother tells him not to think twice and contact her as soon as possible. Emi agrees as the opportunity is rare. By picking up a job in Choshi, Maou will be able to able to get a job and an apartment at the same time. Therefore, he decides to give his landlord’s niece a call and is happy to learn that the job is still available. After she briefly explains Maou’s responsibilities, she offers to pay him 10,000 yen which leaves Maou dumbfounded.

Since he can’t really get a better-paying job as of now he immediately accepts the opportunity. Amane, the landlord’s niece further explains that she will be more than happy to welcome his friends as well since she needs more helping hands at her beach house.

Later that day, Maou tells his decision to Ashiya and Urushihara. The latter complaints about not being consulted but Suzune points out that it would have made little difference. Maou plans to share most of his responsibilities with Ashiya so that Urushihara does not have to work much. Once everyone is on the same page, Maou and his friends begin their preparation to leave for Choshi. On the day of their trip, even Chiho’s mother agrees to let her go with everyone.

What Plan Does Maou Have For Amane’s Beach house?

After arriving at Choshi, Maou and his friends are greeted by Amane Ooguro- the niece of Milk Shiba. She is solely responsible for running the beach house and really needs a few helping hands to share her burden. Amane takes everyone to the beach house in her car while showing the nearby locations. Maou and his friends learn that the beach will open tomorrow. Since it is the first place in the Kanto region to receive sunrise, a lot of tourists arrive there.

Since the beach will be accessible from tomorrow, Maou and his friends must help Amane get her beach house ready for the customers. Unfortunately, when they see the place they are quite shocked. The beach house is not only extremely dirty but most of the equipment is covered with a layer of rust. Maou quickly realizes that he and others have a lot of work to do. However, he also sees an opportunity in such a situation. Maou offers to bring more customers to Amane on the condition that they are paid more money.

As a business owner, Amane naturally likes Maou’s offers and accepts to pay him more on the condition that he helps make more profit. Maou and his friends have been in dire need of money for quite some time now so this offers them a great opportunity to do something about their financial conditions. Luckily, Emi and Chiho agree to offer a helping hand while Suzune looks after Alas Ramus. Maou plans to make Amane’s Beach house an ideal tourist place near the sea. While his plans help Amane’s business he also stands to gain handsome bonuses for bringing more customers.

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