The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: The Devil Begins Farming

In the eighth episode of ‘The Devil is a Part-Timer!’ or ‘Hataraku Maou-sama!!’ season 2, titled ‘The Devil Begins Farming,’ Maou and his friends find a part-time job in Nagano, thanks to Chiho. When they finally reach there, they learn that they will be working in the fields during the harvest season. When Emi finds out about Maou’s new job, she heads directly to Nagano to offer him a helping hand.

Mao Finds A Job in Nagano

As Maou relaxes in his home after returning from Choshi, Urusihara advises him to get another part-time job. His laziness infuriates Ashiya, who is tired of Urusihara depending on others. Luckily, Chiho tells Maou that she has a part-time job for him in Nagano. The following day, they all leave for the village along with Chiho’s mother who tells them that they will be working in the fields.

When they finally reach Nagano, they are shocked to learn that everything there is owned by the Sasaki’s. Maou and his friends meet Chiho’s cousin, sister-in-law, and grandmother who all welcome them to their village with open arms. The trio is surprised to find out that they have been offered a huge room to stay in but there is also a threat of bears in the region. After a long day of work, Maou and his friends are taken to the local hot spring bath by Chiho’s cousin.

There they meet Emi and Suzuno, who have come all the way to Nagano as Alas Ramus was missing her father. Emi makes up a story to tell the Sasakis about their relationship. However, to Maou’s surprise, Emi asks for an opportunity to work in the field alongside Maou and his two friends. Chiho later tells him that Emi has been worried about them working in the field as they are inexperienced in such kind of job, so she decided to offer them a helping hand.

Has Emi Finally Forgiven Maou For Destroying Her Hometown and Her Father’s Fields?

The following morning, Emi goes to Maou’s room and scolds him and his friends to get out of bed as soon as possible as it is time for them to go to the field and work. When they finally make it to the field, Maou and his friends are divided into groups of two to work together efficiently. Maou started working on the crops with Emi who tells him that they need to harvest the crops this early in the morning as it helps in retaining the important nutrients.

As he listens to her with all his attention, Maou appears to be grateful for the help he is getting from Emi without even asking. She was not supposed to come to Nagano, but she still did. However, it also appears to make him a little guilty because of the past that they share. Luckily, Emi notices this, she tells Maou that although she is still angry and does not want to forgive him she can make an exception provided that he has some remorse for his actions. So, it seems that Emi is willing to let go of the past and not hold Maou accountable anymore as long as he is sorry.

Will Maou and Emi Manage to Defend Alas Ramus and Their Friends Without Revealing Their True Powers to Chiho’s Sister in Law?

After working hard in the fields since early morning, Maou and his friends relax for a few hours in their rooms. However, they are later asked by Chiho’s grandma to take Hitoshi out for a walk as he has been missing his mother for a while now. Maou and his friends are more than happy to take him to the nearby fields along with Alas Ramus. Both of them appear to have had a good time.

When they finally meet Chiho’s sister-in-law, she thanks them all for taking care of his son. However, she suddenly notices something that shocks her to the core. Just a few meters away, the bear that attacked granny is looking in their direction. Therefore, she asks everyone to keep quiet and sit down to avoid drawing attention. Unfortunately, as they try to slowly walk away, Hitoshi starts crying loudly and the bear appears to notice.

It is evident from its position that it is planning to attack them but the episode ends leaving viewers hanging. However, after looking at Satoshi Wagahara’s light novel that serves as the inspiration for the anime, we can confirm that Maou and his friends will not only escape unscathed but will manage to defend themselves without using their supernatural powers, thus keeping their true identities a secret.

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