The Dirty D: Exploring All Filming Locations

‘The Dirty D’ is a raw drama series revolving around those involved with the eponymous nightclub and set in the heart of Detroit. Created by Lisa Brown, the show delves into the gritty and tumultuous lives of its diverse characters, from employees and police officers to the club’s shady owners. With its unflinching storytelling and complex characters, the series depicts the essence of Detroit’s underbelly and those who dwell within it. With the series centering on the nightclub and deeply rooted in its setting, fans may seek to dig deeper into where its filming is actually carried out.

Where is The Dirty D Filmed?

True to its narrative, ‘The Dirty D’ is filmed on location in Detroit, Michigan, utilizing local businesses and urban landscapes. Principal photography for the third season began in Fall 2023 and wrapped filming by April 2024. The cast and crew seemed to be incredibly involved behind the scenes yet kept the atmosphere lively, often dancing and singing on set, as seen in their social media posts. The team uses specific locations repeatedly throughout the series while relying on establishing shots of the city to pull us into the setting.

Detroit, Michigan

‘The Dirty D’ is filmed entirely in the Motor City, capturing its grit and raw urban environments with on-location shooting. The Dirt D Nightclub seen in the series is actually the Unorthodox Business Club situated at 18718 Woodward Avenue. In business since 2021, the Unorthodox Business Club opened its doors to the production team behind ‘The Dirty D’ from its first season and has become its most utilized set. With a majority of the narrative unraveling around the club, its understated ambiance and sparsely decorated brick-pattern walls have become synonymous with the show. Besides being open to patrons, the club hosts networking, social, and fundraising events with a focus on community development.

Another recurring location seen in the show is The Meeting Space, an event venue at 21657 Melrose Avenue, Building T, Southfield. Offering banquet halls, catering services, and a studio space, the property often hosts weddings, private parties, competitions, and advertisement shoots. ‘The Dirty D’ employs the venue for lensing interior shots to depict other spaces within The Dirty D. The promotional photography for the show has also been conducted at the venue.

The overall aesthetic of the series is deeply influenced by Detroit’s raw and unpolished charm. The city’s industrial zones, with their abandoned factories and warehouses juxtaposed against thriving local businesses and community hubs, mirror the duality of the characters’ lives and the nightclub’s underworld dealings. The production team’s commitment to filming on location in Detroit allows for an authentic portrayal of the city’s spirit.

The use of real neighborhoods and businesses supports the local economy and ensures that the series resonates with a sense of realism and integrity. The cast and crew’s interaction with the community further strengthens this connection and brings an element of genuine local flavor to the show. Detroit’s distinct architecture, from historic buildings to modern structures, is prominently featured in the series, giving us a real sense of place. This is largely done through the use of exterior establishing shots of the metropolitan landscape. The production team also frequently ventures into open areas and captures scenes along sidewalks, parks, and suburban neighborhoods.

‘The Dirty D’ leverages Detroit’s unique landscapes and cultural backdrop to create a visually and emotionally compelling narrative. The city’s urban character has made it a destination for filmmakers seeking authenticity and grit. As such, it has housed movies and shows like ‘Barbarian,’ ‘Beverly Hills Cop,’ ‘It Follows,’ ‘8 Mile,’ ‘Presumed Innocent,’ and ‘Don’t Breathe.’

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