The Eminence in Shadow Episode 18 Recap: Betting on a Moment

In ‘The Eminence in Shadow’ or ‘Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!’ episode 18 titled ‘Betting on a Moment,’ Cid’s sister visits his apartment and offers him a ticket to the Bushin Festival so that he can watch her fight. The following day, Mundane Mann competes against Annerose Nichtsehen and easily manages to defeat her leaving the audience in a state of shock. Impressed by his swordsmanship and extraordinary powers, Nichtsehen offers him a chance to enlist in government service in Velgalta.

Mundane Mann Shocks Audience in Bushin Festival

Cid has been annoyingly inapproachable for quite some time, so when his sister finally finds him in his apartment, she climbs on his chest and proceeds to hold him, hostage, by pressing his neck. Claire does not hold back and makes it very clear to Cid that she wants him to attend the Bushin Festival since she will be participating in it in place of Princess Rose. She even gives him VIP tickets, so that he can have a great experience. On the day of the fight, Cid reaches the stadium and is quite surprised to learn that his seat is next to Princess Iris.

As soon as Iris learns that Cid is Claire’s brother, she personally apologizes for the Zenon Griffey incident. Cid assures her that she does not have to worry about anything but is personally concerned that meeting someone with high social status is not good for the social persona that he has fabricated. Sometime later, he makes an excuse and leaves since he is scheduled to fight Annerose Nichtsehen. When Iris is sitting alone in the VIP section, Perv Asshat approaches her to discuss relevant contemporary political incidents.

Slowly their discussion drifts towards the Bushin Festival itself and they talk about the warriors competing this year. Both of them feel that Annerose Nichtsehen is a strong warrior but have not really seen Mundane Mann in action. When the fight between the two eventually begins, Annerose tries to end the fight as soon as possible but is shocked by her opponent’s blinding speed. Realizing that this technique won’t do her any good, she then waits for Mundane Mann to attack so that she can use that to her advantage and turn the tables on him at the last moment.

Although Mundane does attack as she had expected, Annerose fails to stop him from knocking her out despite taking every factor into account before her counterattack. Before the fight had started Iris had told Perv Asshat that Mundane looked very confident and may have an edge over his opponent. But Asshat had disagreed then. However, Iris’s prediction turned out to be accurate. Perv Asshat was quite shocked by what he had seen and soon meets one of his men to investigate the mysterious warrior who just defeated Annerose.

Meanwhile, Annerose meets Mundane Mann after their battle and congratulates him for his win. She expresses how the fight humbled him and offers him a chance to enlist in government service in Velgalta. Interestingly, Mundane Mann refuses the opportunity and even goes as far as saying that he has wasted all his life in pursuit of power. Annerose appears to get inspired by their interaction. Elsewhere, Iris easily defeats her opponent and proceeds to the next round of the Bushin Festival.

Who is Mundane Mann Going to Fight After Defeating Annerose Nachtsehen? How Does He Plan to End the Bushin Festival?

After his brief interaction with Annerose Nachtsehen, while being disguised as Mundane Mann, Cid walks back to his apartment. He is surprised that his plans have worked so smoothly and that he has managed to create the intended shock value at the Bushin festival. Cid also got to showcase his extraordinary and incomparable sword skills. However, he is not sure how he wants to end the entire drama. He feels that the most straightforward choice from here will be to crush everyone in his path and just win the Bushin Festival. Following his victory, he feels that it would be quite exciting to just disappear.

Iris is his next opponent and is also recognized by most people as one of the main contenders to win the competition. Defeating her will definitely make him unbelievably famous and his disappearance following the victory will create the eminence in shadow aura that he is in love with so much. However, he also contemplates choosing the evil route and presenting himself as a shadow assassin from a shadowy organization. Cid gets really excited just thinking about all the possibilities but does not make a final decision for now.

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