The Essex Serpent Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

The Essex Serpent‘ episode 4 brings Cora’s story to an interesting juncture as she deals with a host of complicated emotions. In the episode titled ‘Everything Is Blue,’ Cora throws a birthday party which Luke and Will attend. However, the following morning an incident shocks the villagers leading them to believe that Cora has a hand in the town’s recent misfortunes. Therefore, viewers must be curious to learn what new turn Cora’s quest of searching for the mythical serpent takes. In that case, we’ve got you covered! Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘The Essex Serpent’ episode 4! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Essex Serpent Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4, titled ‘Everything Is Blue,’ opens with Cora waking up from another nightmare on the eve of her birthday. Martha comforts Cora and encourages her to throw a party for old times’ sake. Cora prepares for the party and invites the Ransomes, Luke, and other friends. Elsewhere, Naomi struggles with her sins and contemplates whether the serpent will target her next. Luke gifts Cora a beautiful necklace at the party, making his feelings for the widow evident. However, Cora does not reciprocate and reacts awkwardly. Soon, the Ransomes arrive at the party, cutting short Luke and Cora’s interaction.

At the party, Luke realizes that Stella is suffering from respiratory disease. He recommends she visit his clinic in London and do some tests. Meanwhile, Stella encourages Cora and Will to dance together. Will reluctantly agrees, and the two dance. Naomi searches for Will to confess her sins but does not find him at the church. Matthew tries to encourage her to talk about her sins, but Naomi leaves the church. Near the marshes, Naomi performs a ritual to protect her father, Henry, from the serpent.

After the party, Cora becomes distant from Luke and Martha. She finds Jo has forgotten her coat and follows the Ransomes to return it. Meanwhile, Frankie leaves the house to meet Cracknell. However, when he arrives at the old farmer’s place, he finds Cracknell is dying. Frankie lays down beside Cracknell as the old man passes away. Back at the house, Martha and Luke sleep together. In the morning, Luke leaves for London while Cora returns home. She learns of Cracknell’s death from Frankie as the villagers find the old man’s body.

The Essex Serpent Episode 4 Ending: Why Does Cora Leave Aldwinter?

In the episode’s final act, henry searches the town for Naomi, who is nowhere to be found. Instead, he finds Cracknell’s dead body near the beach. Henry suspects that since Cracknell was an atheist, the serpent got to him and killed the old man. Moreover, Cracknell’s body is found on the beach with injuries similar to Gracie’s wounds. Thus, the villagers’ doubt that the serpent killed Cracknell solidifies. Will and Cora arrive at the scene. The villagers try to persuade Will to force Cora out of the village. They accuse Cora of being involved in witchcraft and having connections to the serpent. The villagers demand that Cora leave Aldwinter. However, Cora is adamant about staying and proving her innocence.

Cora is enraged by Will’s lack of support for her and leaves. Will follows her and professes his love for Cora. The two make out and have sex in the middle of a pasture. However, after returning home, Cora changes her mind about staying in Aldwinter. She decides to return to London promptly and begins to pack her stuff. As the episode closes out, Cora leaves Aldwinter with Martha and Frankie. While Cora’s last moment change of heart appears sudden, it is understandable given the situation in Aldwinter. The villagers have turned against Cora and could easily cause harm to her or her family. Therefore, it seems like it is the right move for Cora to leave the village.

However, Cora is likely leaving Aldwinter due to her complicated romance with Will. The vicar and the widow have grown close in a short amount of time. However, Will is married and has a family. Therefore, the villagers might ostracize Cora and Will for their romance. Given the Victorian-era setting of the series, it is obvious that a relationship between Cora and Will might be seen as a sin. Moreover, Cora might not want to jeopardize Will’s marriage. Hence, it is evident that Cora’s decision to leave Aldwinter stems from her complicated feelings for Will rather than the villagers’ threat.

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