The Family Plan: Who is Trying to Kill Dan? Why?

In Apple TV+’s action-comedy film ‘The Family Plan,’ protagonist Daniel “Dan” Morgan’s life gets threatened when a group of assassins try to hunt him down. Fearing the safety of his family, he pretends to take his wife Jess and their children, Nina, Kyle, and Max on a road trip to Las Vegas to ensure that they won’t get harmed by the hitmen after him. The unceasing attempts to kill Dan shed light on his mysterious past and the secrets he has been harboring from his loved ones for around eighteen years. The group of people who re-enters his life were adored by him at one point but he tries his best to disappear from them and their world! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Father Who Can’t Love

McCaffrey, Dan’s father, is trying to kill him. After losing his mother at the age of four, Dan AKA Sean lived with his “violent” father, who served in the British Army’s Special Air Service. Due to his exposure to military life, Dan chose to join the United States Army and a world he was already familiar with when he became an adult. As a soldier, Dan thrived, which explains his selection to the Special Forces AKA Green Berets, and later to the Delta Force. That was when McCaffrey re-entered the life of his son and changed it forever. The veteran trained and mentored his son to mold him as an assassin.

When McCaffrey formed a special force of hitmen, Dan was included in it following the former’s guidance. The group of assassins targeted the worst of the worst, which included dictators, kidnappers, warlords, and terrorists the government couldn’t kill legally. Dan took part in several operations, killing numerous “bad guys,” without being aware of his vicious father’s condemnable actions. McCaffrey eventually started to “auction” his assassins to the highest bidders for them to eliminate targets illegally. Dan, believing that his group had been serving the government, continued to work for his father but when he learned the truth, he disappeared from the force.

McCaffrey has been trying to hunt down Dan ever since the covert assassin abandoned the former’s special force. McCaffrey found his son’s actions as a betrayal against him and his friends, which made him vengeful. He tries to kill Dan for turning his back on the former, which is unacceptable for the head of the mercenaries. He doesn’t care that Dan is his own son as he seemingly never loved his kid. As an unconventional businessman, McCaffrey’s only concern is the loss his son’s disappearance caused. As a potent man, he also fails to tolerate Dan’s decision to go against his authority to lead his life on his own terms.

A force that comprises exceptional hitmen is a closely knit group as far as McCaffrey is concerned. He issued a death warrant against Dan when the assassin created an opening in the walls that encloses and protects the group irrespective of their blood relation. For McCaffrey, the man who abandoned his group deserves to die irrespective of who the individual is to him.

The Unacceptable Proposal

After sending countless assassins to kill Dan, McCaffrey realizes that his son hasn’t lost his efficiency and abilities as a hitman. Dan manages to eliminate several of his father’s killers without even alarming his family for the most part, which displays how great he is as an assassin. The same display convinces McCaffrey that Dan will be a valuable asset to his force. At the end of the day, McCaffrey is just a businessman. He wants what Dan can bring to the table considering his talents. Upon thinking about the very attractive “bids” he will potentially receive for his son, McCaffrey announces to Dan that he is ready to clear the air between them and stop pointing guns at him if the latter will join his group.

When McCaffrey lets Dan know that he will kill the latter’s loved ones if he doesn’t rejoin the group, the former assassin nods yes to the proposal. The last thing Dan wants is for his wife and children to get hurt because of him. To calm his father down, he pretends that he is ready to do what he wants with the belief that he will find a way out of the mess. Meanwhile, Jess, Nina, and Kyle, along with Max, return to Dan. Jess even kills one of McCaffrey’s associates to rescue her husband from the clutches of her father-in-law. After seeing them return to him, Dan realizes that his family needs them irrespective of his secrets, which makes him set out to fight the war his father started.

When Jess and her children return to Dan, McCaffrey understands that it is impossible to separate his son from his family. Upon perceiving that it is pointless to expect Dan to abandon his family and rejoin his force, McCaffrey withdraws his offer to spare his son’s life. He asks his men to kill Dan once again. Even though Dan is his son, McCaffrey doesn’t want the former if the ex-assassin cannot be of use to him. He also doesn’t want Dan to lead a contented life with his family if the latter cannot be what he expects his son to be. As a man devoid of sentimentalities, McCaffrey tries to kill his son for one more time, only for Dan to emerge as the victor with the help of his son “Kyllboi.”

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