The Gentlemen: Is Henry Collins Dead? Does Eddie Kill Him? Theories

Netflix’s action crime series ‘The Gentlemen’ ends with Eddie Horniman and Susie Glass teaming up together to buy the latter’s father Bobby Glass’ marijuana empire. Since Bobby proclaims that he wants to sell his business to the highest bidder, Eddie and Susie use Henry Collins to ensure that the other prospective buyers won’t be able to use their money and/or influence to acquire Bobby’s empire. Once Collins makes sure that Stanley Johnston and Mercy are out of the picture, Eddie and Susie lead the boxing promoter to the wild to kill him. Susie offers the gun to the duke to finish the job and cement his position as the new general of Bobby’s empire but the crime drama concludes without depicting whether Collins is indeed dead! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Theory 1: Eddie Kills Collins

Even though ‘The Gentlemen’ ends without showing Eddie pulling the trigger and Collins getting killed, the duke must have chosen to fulfill his journey of becoming a predator by killing the boxing promoter. Throughout the series, Eddie tells Susie and Bobby that he doesn’t want to remain involved in their marijuana trade forever. Although he needs their money, Eddie isn’t a born criminal like them. His heritage and reputation stop him from stooping to become one as well. However, towards the end of the crime drama, he realizes that it is time for him to leave the zoo and become a predator.

When Eddie gets “acquainted” with Susie and her business, the former soldier is nothing but an aristocratic object on display in a big mansion like animals in a zoo. Without any real authority or money, he moves forward in life only because the people around him accept him as a man of value even when they don’t need to. After getting jobs done with Susie, Eddie realizes that he is worth something in the world of crimes and criminals, which motivates him to buy the empire of Bobby. Making that transition also means accepting the norms and ways of the jungle and forgetting how he had been living in the zoo. And in the wild, there’s no room for hesitation or forgiveness.

Susie makes it evident to Eddie that they cannot risk their positions by being merciful through the murder of Jethro. The duke may want to show that he did learn a lesson by killing Collins. After putting every fortune he could amass to invest in Bobby’s empire, he may know that backing away is not the best thing to do. Eddie may display his capability to be the general of the empire the Glasses built by murdering Collins without any hesitation or regret.

Theory 2: Susie Kills Collins

Eddie killing Collins may depend upon how much he is ready to change while being a part of the world of Susie and Bobby. The former soldier has the option of choosing to be the brain behind the gang’s operations, leaving the bloodshed and dirty work to Susie. Whenever Susie confronts a predicament, Eddie saves her from the same by being wise. Whether it be the dilemma caused by Florian de Groot or the missing money, Eddie’s out-of-the-box thinking has saved the Glasses on numerous occasions. Ultimately, he sets a master plan in motion to eliminate his competitors as well.

After proving his worth to the empire built by Bobby and Susie, Eddie may not need to let blood stain his hands anymore. He can control their entire operations in the comfort of his estate by letting Susie do the “fieldwork.” The new division of labor can start with the predicament involving Collins’ fate. As the general of the new marijuana empire, he is in a position to order Susie to kill Collins for him. Since the man orchestrated the hit on her brother Jack, Susie deserves to put a bullet in his head. The boxing promoter’s betrayal of trust may have even made Susie grab the gun from Eddie and kill him.

Theory 3: Eddie Saves Collins

Even though the chances of Susie letting Collins walk away from her and Eddie alive are significantly less, it is not impossible. In Susie and Bobby’s books, the word “ruthless” means a lot, especially when the man against them is the individual who nearly killed their loved one. However, Eddie can be extremely objective when it comes to business affairs. He may try to convince his partners that they should take advantage of Collins’ contacts and influence to make more money. It may not be incredibly hard for him to explain to the Glasses that they can work together with Collins without loving him.

After all, Eddie has put an enormous amount of money into the Glasses’ business, which allows him to prioritize their potential profits over sentiments. If that’s the case, Eddie may have fired the gun at the sky to scare Collins. He may force the boxing promoter to work for them with a reminder that any move he would make against their wishes would lead him to his coffin.

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