Are Susie and Bobby Glass Related to Michael “Mickey” Pearson?

In Netflix’s action crime series ‘The Gentlemen,’ the marijuana trade in England is controlled by Bobby Glass through his daughter Susie Glass. Due to the father-daughter duo’s autonomy in the trade, it becomes impossible for anyone to rival them. The Glasses do exactly what Matthew McConaughey’s Michael “Mickey” Pearson does in the 2019 film of the same name, the source material of the crime drama, both conceived by Guy Ritchie. Since both the show and movie are set in the same universe, one can’t help but wonder whether the Glasses are related to Mickey in any way! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Connection Between Glasses and Mickey

Susie and Bobby Glass are not related to Michael “Mickey” Pearson. Guy Ritchie created the Netflix series with the “world” of the 2019 film of the same name as the foundation. However, the protagonist of the movie seemingly does not exist in the show. In the movie, Mickey is England’s most prominent marijuana producer and distributor. He has European connections and the best people in the business to ensure that he is making top-quality white widow super cheese. Since he is unrivaled in the business, he has the last word in the cannabis trade as well, which makes him extremely valuable.

Mickey has twelve farms in twelve sites, all underneath the estates of the members of the English aristocracy. In the show, Bobby and Susie Glass have all these, only more. They have thirteen farms under their control, including the farm beneath the grounds of Eddie Horniman and his family’s Halstead estate. With a turnover of millions and millions week after week, Bobby and Susie are incomparable in the trade, which tempts Stanley Johnston to acquire what they have. As the owner of the farms, Bobby is not drastically different from Mickey. In other words, even though they are unrelated, Ritchie and his writers conceived Bobby as an older version of Mickey.

It is impossible for the Glasses and Mickey to co-exist in the same world since the latter’s existence would negate the autonomy and authority of the former and vice versa. Since Mickey’s farms are spread throughout England, there isn’t any way the Glasses can operate their business without stepping onto the fields of the former as well. There are multiple instances in the series’ narrative that offer enough scope for Ritchie and his team to refer to Mickey to validate his existence. For example, when Bobby Glass announces that he is selling his business, Mickey could have been introduced as a prospective buyer to show that he exists in the same world.

Since the creative heads behind the show have outrightly ignored Mickey, it is safe to say that they were trying to expand Mickey and his world to lay the foundation for the series’ narrative and characters. The Glasses’ rival Stanley Johnston can be seen as another version of Matthew Berger, the antagonist in the movie. Dry Eye’s ambition to become the next Mickey can be paralleled with Mercy’s wish to expand her operations by replacing the Glasses. Mickey’s European connections are similar to the Glasses’ alliance with Florian de Groot. Through these similarities, Ritchie created links between both narratives but without dir

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