The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Episode 4 Recap: I Chose a Pair of Glasses for the Girl I Like

In ‘Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta’ or ‘The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses’ episode 4 titled ‘I Chose a Pair of Glasses for the Girl I Like,’ Komura accidentally meets Mie-san outside school and ends up sharing an awkward moment with her as she cannot see without her glasses. He later learns that she really cares about how he perceives her which probably means that she is into him. Since Mie-san needs to purchase a new pair of glasses, she takes Komura to the nearby store, so that he can help her out.

Mie and Komura Meet Outside School

As Komura is walking back home on a really cold and windy day, he feels that he would really enjoy a can of coffee. Therefore, he decides to go to the vending machine at the next turn and that’s when he finds Mie-san standing there. It turns out that she is actually planning to get a can of cocoa and instead of taking Komura’s help, uses the vending machine on her own. But when she opens the can to take a sip, she is surprised to learn that she has actually bought black coffee.

Since Mie-san does not wish to drink coffee right now, she offers the can to Komura, who is taken aback as he feels that drinking it will be akin to sharing an indirect kiss with her. However, he feels that it would be inappropriate to do so and makes the excuse that he does not really drink coffee. The following day as he is rushing back to school, he sees Mie-san standing at a red light waiting to cross the road. Since her skirt is folded inappropriately, he informs her about it.

It turns out that Mie-san does not recognize Komura as she is not wearing her glasses. But her hairs are all messed up and she is really conscious about it. Komura overhears her saying to herself that she does not want him to see her like that. This just goes on to show that Mie-san is quite conscious of how he perceives her which obviously implies that he really matters to her.

How Does Komura Help Mie-san?

Since Mie-san needs a new pair of glasses, she visits a nearby store with Komura. Obviously, her poor vision makes it impossible for her to make any decision so she needs his help. There is a large collection of frames to choose from at the store and Mie-san is curious about a lot of them. When she puts on a frame, she turns towards Komura and asks for his opinion. Komura is so mesmerized by her looks and is into her to the point that he can barely find a fault. All he manages to say is that she looks cute.

Although Komura’s feedback is obviously not problematic at first, he slowly begins to feel that he is not helping her much. No matter what frame Mie-san puts on, she just looks gorgeous to him and all he could manage to say is that she looks cute- which becomes quite repetitive very soon. Komura feels really bad and eventually tells her that regardless of whether she wears the glasses or not, she always looks good to him. Mie-san does not say much and simply decides to get the regular frame that she has been using all this time.

However, the following day at school, Mie-san informs Komura that she ended up sleeping wearing her new glasses and the frame eventually broke. Komura is naturally surprised and feels that he will need a steady source of income if he plans to look after her in the future. This also means that Mie-san will continue to need Komura’s help every single day, which will naturally bring the duo closer to each other.

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