Who Voices Paul’s Gremlin in Obliterated?

Netflix’s action comedy series ‘Obliterated’ takes the audience on their weirdest save-the-world adventure yet. It’s clear that a person has to be in a clear state of mind if they are to be tasked with the responsibility of saving the world. But in this Netflix series, we are taken through a scenario where the heroes are expected to save the day while they are high beyond their wits. The only one of them who doesn’t do drugs or alcohol is the pilot, Paul. But even he unwittingly ingests a concoction of drugs that leads him to hallucinate a gremlin who refuses to go away.

Paul’s Gremlin is Voiced by an Actor Known to Play Eccentric Characters

The Gremlin in Paul’s head is voiced by actor Jason Mantzoukas, who has played his fair share of weird and eccentric characters over the years. He is best known for his roles in shows like ‘The League,’ ‘Brooklyn 99,’ and ‘The Good Place,’ among others. He is also the voice behind characters like Howard Hughes in ‘Agent Elvis,’ Jay Bilzerian in ‘Big Mouth,’ Rex Splode in ‘Invincible,’ and Alex Dorpenberger in ‘Close Enough.’

The Gremlin in ‘Obliterated’ comes to Paul after he eats Haggerty’s pineapple guacamole in which he had mixed all sorts of drugs. Paul refrained from partaking in the things at the party but ate the guacamole, not knowing what was in it. When the team was notified that they had to jump back into the mission because the nuclear bomb was still missing, Paul was the only one in complete control of his senses, or so it was at the time.

It took time for the guacamole to kick in, and it happened right at the time when the team needed Paul the most. He didn’t realize he was high, which is why, when he started seeing the Gremlin, he thought it was real. It was either that or he was losing his mind. As the drugs start to take hold, Paul’s hallucinations only get more vivid, with him thinking he’d returned to Caesars Palace to save his daughter when he was stuck in the desert, shooting at cactuses.

In between all this chaos, the Gremlin begins as something that teases Paul for his failures. Slowly, however, as Paul accepts that the Gremlin is born of his own mind, he comes to terms with the fact he is involved in self-chastising a lot and must focus on the things that matter to him. With that, the Gremlin becomes the sage adviser who only wants the best for Paul and helps him see the right path. Portraying this hairpin turn in Gremlin’s character could only be portrayed by an actor of Jason Mantzoukas’s caliber, making it clear why he was brought on board for the role.

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